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CAGE Code 2J705 - NSN Parts Online Catalog

ASAP Semiconductor’s newest parts procurement platform, ASAP Aerospace, makes it easier for customers to source and buy the parts they need, like part number 3007209-00, 06-2016-878, 041043597, 41518804-001, UP1401-8R of Unisys Corp (CAGE Code 2J705).

Go through our inventory by NSN 3030002550664, 7510013815301, 7510015036906, 5995013670595, 6130013927965 and get a quote for your required NSN parts Belt V, Ribbon Inking, Cable Assembly Spec, Power Supply, Switch Sensitive. A CAGE code, Commercial and Government Entity code, is a 5-character ID number issued by the DLA to specific entities at specific locations for ease of identification with the federal supply chain.

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