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CAGE Code 80058 (Joint Electronics Type Designation) Information

ASAP Semiconductor’s newest parts procurement platform, ASAP Aerospace, makes it easier for customers to source and buy the parts they need, like part number TG78BASW12, CN757FSA, OA-7877 GIC-15, CV722GMQ, PP4942GJM29 of Joint Electronics Type Designation (CAGE Code 80058).

Go through our inventory by NSN 1680007533972, 6110007320934, 6110001308952, 6130006810474, 6130000780494 and get a quote for your required NSN parts Actuator Electro Mechanical Rotary, Regulator Voltage, Switchboard Interior Communication, Converter Frequency Electronic, Power Supply. A CAGE code, Commercial and Government Entity code, is a 5-character ID number issued by the DLA to specific entities at specific locations for ease of identification with the federal supply chain.

CAGE Code 80058 Details

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 80058

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