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Civil Aircraft Model Number AERION SBJ

General Information of AERION SBJ
Developed Into : Aerion AS2

Manufacturer : Aerion Corporation

Role : Supersonic business jet

Status : development

Unit_Cost : US$80 million (target cost)

General characteristics of AERION SBJ
Capacity : 8–12 passengers

Crew : 2

Height : 21.2?ft (6.46?m)

Length : 135?ft (41.33?m)

Max Takeoff Weight : 90,000 lb (40,823 ?kg)

Powerplant : 2 × Pratt & Whitney JT8D-219 turbofans, 19,600?lbf (87.19?kN) each

Wing Area : 1,200?ft² (111.5?m²)

Wingspan : 64.2?ft (19.57?m)

Performance of AERION SBJ
Cruise Speed : 966 knots (Mach 1.7, 1,112 mph, 1,790?km/h)

Maximum Speed : 1,030 knots (Mach 1.8, 1,186?mph, 1,909?km/h)

Never Exceed Speed : 236 km/h (127 kts)

Range : At Mach 0.95:4,600?nm (5,300?mi, 8,500?km); At Mach 1.40:4,200?nm (4,800?mi, 7,800?km)

Service Ceiling : 51,000?ft (15,500?m)

Stall Speed : 82 km/h (44 kts)

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