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Civil Aircraft Model Number Aeronca C-1 Cadet

General Information of Aeronca C-1 Cadet
First Flight : 1931

Manufacturer : Aeronca

National Origin : United States

Number Built : 3

Role : Single-seat light sport aircraft

General characteristics of Aeronca C-1 Cadet
Crew : 1

Empty Weight : 426 lb (193 kg)

Max Takeoff Weight : 700 lb (318 kg)

Powerplant : 1 × Aeronca E-113 flat-twin piston, 36 hp (27 kW)

Wing Area : 115 sq ft (10.7 m2)

Wingspan : 29 ft 0 in (8.84 m)

Performance of Aeronca C-1 Cadet
Cruise Speed : 80mph (70kn; 129km/h)

Maximum Speed : 95mph (153km/h; 83kn)

Service Ceiling : 12,500ft (3,810m)

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