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The Airbus A330 200F is a customized heavy business corporate jet that has been most famously used as a simple private business class jet. Utilized by such figures as the 45th President of the United States and others, the Airbus A330 200F was manufactured in the year 2000 and is still in the present market. As of recent the price for such an acquisition is at ninety nine million US dollars. 

Aircraft Model Airbus A330 200F Details

Model No : Airbus A330 200F
Category : Commercial Aircraft
Aircraft Type : Cargo Airplanes
Manufacturer : Airbus
Country : France
Manufactured : 2009 to: Onward
Avionics : Rockwell Collins Avionics
Engine : 2 X Pratt and Whitney pw4000
Power : 71,680 pound-force
Max Cruise Speed : 493 knots - 913 Km/h
Approach Speed : NA
Travel Range : 3,996 Nautical Miles - 7,401 Kilometers
Fuel Economy : 0.11 nautical mile / gallon - 0.054 kilometres / litre
Service Ceiling : 39,370 feet
Rate of Climb : 12 feet/minute - 0.06metre/second
Take Off Distance : 2500 metre - 8,202.00 feet
Landing Distance : 1850 metre - 6,069.48 feet
Max Tak eOff Weight : 230,000 Kg - 507,058 lbs
Max Payload : 69,000 Kg - 152,117 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity : 36,166 gallon - 136,903 litre
Baggage Volume : 475 m3 / 16,774 ft3
Seats Economy/General Class : 2 seats
Seats Business Class : 0
Seats First Class : 0
Cabin Height : 2.2 metre - 7.22 feet
Cabin Width : 5.28 metre - 17.32 feet
Cabin Length : 40.8 metre - 133.86 feet
Exterior Length : 58.8 metre - 192.91 feet
Tail Height : NA
Fuselage Diameter : 5.64 metre - 18.50 feet
Wing Span Rotor Diameter : 60.3 metre - 197.83 feet
Wing Tips : NA
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The Airbus A330 200F has a motor with the quality of 28,100 pound-power and a most extreme voyage speed of 516 knots, which when changed over to measurements is 956 kilometers for each hour. The motor that empowers such a quick journey speed is of the 2 × IAE V2500 type and was delivered by the Thales Avionics Suite. With this amazing motor, the Airbus A330 200F can arrive at a long travel run with it being an expected 3,078 nautical miles or around 5,700 kilometers. Even with such a huge range, the efficiency is traditionalist as it can hold as much as 0.45 nautical miles per gallon or around 0.220 kilometers per each liter. The administration roof can ascend to at any rate 39,000 feet, while the pace of climb is around 12 feet for each moment or about 0.06 meters every second. The take off separation differentiates especially from the arrival separation. The thing that matters is that the previous is around 1707 meters to 5,600.33 feet while the last is around 1540 meters to 5,052.43 feet 

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