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Touted as the big passenger jet for long destinations, the Airbus A340-500 is a jumbo sized commercial travel jet that, at the time of its conception was priced at $233 million US dollars. Manufactured by the Airbus French company in the year 2006, the aircraft was crafted by the Thales – Smiths Avionics as well as had assistance from the Rolls Royce company

Aircraft Model Airbus A340 500 Hgw Details

Model No : Airbus A340 500 Hgw
Category : Commercial Aircraft
Aircraft Type : Jumbo Passenger Jets
Manufacturer : Airbus
Country : France
Manufactured : 2006 to: Present
Avionics : Thales – Smiths Avionics
Engine : 4 x Rolls Royce Trent 556
Power : 53,000 pound-force
Max Cruise Speed : 490 knots - 907 Km/h
Approach Speed : NA
Travel Range : 9,018 Nautical Miles - 16,701 Kilometers
Fuel Economy : 0.15 nautical mile / gallon - 0.073 kilometres / litre
Service Ceiling : 3,623 feet
Rate of Climb : 12 feet/minute - 0.06metre/second
Take Off Distance : 3200 metre - 10,498.56 feet
Landing Distance : 2094 metre - 6,870.00 feet
Max Tak eOff Weight : 380,000 Kg - 837,748 lbs
Max Payload : 51,200 Kg - 112,876 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity : 58,646 gallon - 221,999 litre
Baggage Volume : 153.9 m3 / 5,435 ft3
Seats Economy/General Class : 372 seats
Seats Business Class : 313 seats
Seats First Class : 0
Cabin Height : 2.54 metre - 8.33 feet
Cabin Width : 5.28 metre - 17.32 feet
Cabin Length : 53.56 metre - 175.72 feet
Exterior Length : 67.9 metre - 222.77 feet
Tail Height : NA
Fuselage Diameter : 5.64 metre - 18.50 feet
Wing Span Rotor Diameter : 63.45 metre - 208.17 feet
Wing Tips : NA
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Though the Airbus A340-500 was a passenger aircraft that was put into the marketplace in the year 2006, there were some initial deliveries that were traced from as early as 2002. The aircraft seats 372 passengers in its single-class seat arrangement and 313 passengers in its double class system. This plane is 223 feet long and can travel distances of up to 10,358 miles. It has also held the title of having the world’s longest range in commercial airlines until the Boeing 777–200LR was introduced into the marketplace. The Airbus A340-500 has an extraordinary outer build though the gear that it was outfitted with was criticized by critics to be slow and lumberous. The plane is well known for being able to efficiently carry a large amount of passengers and cargo during long nonstop travel routes. 

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