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FSG 16 Aircraft Components and Accessories

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP-Aerospace, strives to be a premier distributor of National Stock Number parts for a variety of commercial, civil, and military applications. We pride ourselves in our comprehensive inventory of both current and discontinued product lines from most of the largest manufacturers within the aviation and aerospace industry, including Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Hawker Beechcraft, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing Corporation, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Goodrich Corporation, and Bell Helicopter Textron, among many others. Our inventory includes parts that fall under a large number of different types of Federal Supply Codes, or FSC’s, which is a 4 digit code that is a part of the National Stock Number, a thirteen digit number utilized by the United States Department of Defense for the categorization and classification of products. One such federal supply group, the Federal Supply Group 16, signifies all Aerospace Craft Components and Accessories. The subcategories of this federal supply group are as follows:

A National Stock Number is a 13 digit code that categorizes all parts that are currently in use or have been used by the government. The first 2 digit section of the code is the federal supply group, which is further subcategorized by the 4 digit federal supply code. The last 7 digits signifies the specific item itself. The Defense Logistics Agency, the organization that provides logistical support to all military agencies, is responsible for issuing these codes. These standardized codes are recognized by both the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United States Department of Defense. At ASAP Semiconductor, we have comprehensive inventory and also boast extensive knowledge of National Stock Numbers and all pertaining FSC’s, to ensure that we have the capability to meet your requirements.