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FSG 38 Construction Mining Excavating and Highway Maintenance Equipment

To ensure consistency in its supply chain processes, the U.S. Department of Defense put into place a system that uniquely and permanently identifies the items that it purchases. This system, dubbed the National Stock Number (NSN), consists of 13 digits which are broken down into the 2 following identifying parts:

  • Federal Supply Classification Group - The first 4 digits of the NSN identifies the Federal Supply Class code (FSCG).
  • National Item Identification Number - The last 9 digits of the NSN identifies the National Item Identification Number (NIIN).

For example, an existing blade has a 13-digit NSN of 38-05-00-0092148. The FSCG is represented by 3805, and the NIIN by 000092148.

Furthermore, the FSCG and NIIN can be broken down even further into the following classifying parts:

In the above blade example, the FSG is represented by 38, and the FSC by 05.

In the above blade example, the NCB is represented by 00 (USA).

  • Federal Supply Group - The first 2 digits of the FSCG identifies the Federal Supply Group (FSG).
  • Federal Supply Code - The last 2 digits of the FSCG identifies the Federal Supply Code (FSC).
  • National Codification Bureau - The first 2 digits of the NIIN identifies the National Codification Bureau (NCB) or NATO country code.
  • Item Serial Number - The last 7 digits of the NIIN is merely an item serial number that does not follow an assignment pattern.

At ASAP Semiconductor, we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent system of doing business in order to keep the supply chain process smooth for our Aerospace, Aviation, Industrial, Military and Defense clients. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified/ASA 100 accredited distributor, we are recognized for our comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines.

One FSG we at ASAP Semiconductor stock is FSG 38 - Construction, Mining, Excavating, and Highway Maintenance Equipment. Manufacturers for FSG 38 that we carry include: