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FSG 42 firefighting rescue and safety equipment and environmental protection equipment and materials

At ASAP Semiconductor we understand the importance of knowing which Federal Supply Code's apply to your products in order to register to do business with the government. We have an expansive inventory of different types of Federal Supply Codes, also referred to as FSC's, which is a four digit code utilized by the government. These first four digits can be found on National Stock Numbers and assist with classifying/identifying the products, supplies and services that the government uses and buys. The first two digits of the thirteen numeric codes, NSN, are referred to as the Federal Supply Group. The first four are referred to as the Federal Supply Code and the rest of the nine digits of the NSN are referred to as the National Item Identification Number. Many of the Federal Supply Code parts that we supply are within the Aerospace, Aviation, Military and Defense industries. We also supply National Stock Number parts that are utilized within the Fire Rescue Industry as well. With that said, at ASAP Semiconductor we supply Federal Supply Group 42 which is identified by the Defense Logistics Agency as Fire Fighting Rescue and Safety Equipment. The DLA primary role is to provide supplies to the military services and supports their acquisition of weapons, spare parts and other materials. The National Stock Number parts that we provide within Federal Supply Group 42 Fire Fighting Rescue and Safety Equipment include the following Federal Supply Codes:

Through our proprietary website Just NSN-Parts, you are able to find wide ranging inventory lists of National Stock Numbers that are categorized within the Federal Supply Codes listed above. Within Federal Supply Code 4210, Firefighting equipment, we supply fire hose reels, sprinkler heads and hose fittings having one or more fire hose end connections. Within Federal Supply Code 4240, Safety and rescue equipment, we have the resources to supply portable fire escapes and safety nets. For Federal Supply Code 4250, Recycling and reclamation equipment, all of the National Stock Number parts that we supply within this code include material and machinery designed to remove and neutralize possible re-use of substances. All of the National Stock Number parts that we supply are all recognized by the Defense Logistics Agency.