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FSG 60 fiber optics materials components assemblies and accessories

A National Stock Number (NSN) is a distinctive 13-digit identification number associated to a specific part that was at one part procured by the United States federal government. The NSN consists of a 4-digit Federal Supply Classification Group (FSCG), followed by a 9-digit National Item Identification Number (NIIN). The FSCG further breaks down to a 2-digit Federal Supply Group (FSG), followed by a 2-digit Federal Supply Class (FSC). Parts similar in nature will be classified under the same Federal Supply Group (FSG). The FSC helps classify the parts more specifically than the FSG does. The 9 digits that follow the FSCG, the NIIN, consist of a 2-digit National Codification Bureau (NCB) and a 7-digit unique item identifying number. The NCB announces which country was the first to code this item. The NSN is recognized by the United States Department of Defense as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The NSNs are governed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), who is also responsible for logistical support of parts to the US armed forces and the entire US military.

Through our proprietary website ASAP-Aerospace, we are able to supply millions of parts which are used in civil, commercial, and military applications. We at ASAP Semiconductor, pride ourselves as being an ISO 9001-2008 certified, ASA 100 accredited distributor. Since we carry such a large inventory of parts, we understand the importance of having knowledge on NSN parts. We have parts capabilities from major manufacturers under FSG 60, fiber optics materials :