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FSG 61 Electric Wire and Power and Distribution Equipment

It is necessary to keep track of all parts that go through the federal supply chain in order to maintain transparency and categorize all parts. This system is referred to as the National Stock Number system, or NSN for short. The National Stock Number, or NATO Stock Number, is a unique 13-digit number that is used to identify specific types of parts, both commercial and military. The Defense Logistics Agency, which provides logistical support to the US military around the world, including weapons, supplies, and repairs, also governs the National Stock Number System. An NSN is composed of several smaller distinct parts:

  1. Federal Supply Classification Group (FSCG) - first 4 digits of the NSN
  2. National Item Identification Number (NIIN) - last 9 digits of the NSN

Each of these subcategories is divided further into several more distinct subcategories. The Federal Supply Classification Group includes the 2-digit Federal Supply Group, the first 2 digits, and the Federal Supply Code, the last 2 digits. The Federal Supply Code (FSC) is more specific than the Federal Supply Group (FSG). The NIIN includes a 2-digit National Identification Bureau and a unique 7-digit item number.

At ASAP Semiconductor, we are proud to offer a vast inventory of National Stock Number parts for use in both the federal supply chain as well as other industries and applications. We stock parts from over thirty FSGs and hundreds of FSCs and we maintain the capability to procure any parts which we do not have. FSG 61 in particular, Electric Wire and Power and Distribution Equipment, is an FSG in which we are particularly strong. Some manufacturers we carry are as follows:

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