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Bell Helicopter Textron Inc Part Number List

Part Number NSN FSC Item Name RFQ
T103344-101 5120-01-186-4067 5120 plate set inp pin r RFQ
T100394 NA NA plug rotor RFQ
T100394 4920-00-398-3287 4920 plug bearing RFQ
S12562-0214 NA NA seal RFQ
RLR32C10R0JS NA NA resistor RFQ
NAS43HT3-18 NA NA spacer RFQ
NAS1802-4-5 NA NA screw RFQ
NAS1055-4-3 NA NA pin RFQ
MS9705-08 NA NA bolt RFQ
MS28775-013 NA NA packing prefor RFQ
M7885-6-4-02 NA NA rivet blind RFQ
C70110E2222-0001 5995-01-677-2703 5995 cable assemblyspecial purposee RFQ
AS3209-325 NA NA packing preformed RFQ
AS1031D040406 NA NA tee RFQ
AN960-616L NA NA washer RFQ
AN6270-4D0234 NA NA hose assy RFQ
95-42-14-E6-62518 NA NA sw ap select RFQ
901-244-093 5340-01-624-8279 5340 rod straight headle RFQ
80-029-46A 5325-01-613-2961 5325 grommet nonmetallic RFQ
74726 NA NA connector RFQ
70-061K240C190A NA NA hose assy RFQ
524919 5330-00-185-0341 5330 seal plain encased RFQ
450-075-615-103 1560-01-583-9029 1560 cover access aircra RFQ
450-030-192-227 1560-01-584-2844 1560 foam segment explos RFQ
449-030-237-109 1560-01-603-0294 1560 aircraft structural component support RFQ
449-030-143-116 1560-01-622-5878 1560 cover access aircra RFQ
444-062-261-101 4730-01-686-8733 4730 union,pipe RFQ
444-001-001-113 3040-01-686-7694 3040 connecting link,rigid RFQ
430-706-905-105A NA NA kit cargo hook RFQ
430-031-547-101 NA NA tube assy RFQ
430-020-810-101 NA NA aft headliner RFQ
427-040-600-101 NA NA liner RFQ
427-030-397-101 NA NA NA RFQ
412-240-002-101 5120-01-412-6539 5120 wrench assembly RFQ
407-340-001-101 NA NA weight RFQ
407-064-313-101 NA NA tube assy RFQ
407-030-502-163 1560-01-686-9782 1560 support,structural component,air RFQ
407-001-310-101 NA NA NA RFQ
3998-99226-00 NA NA connector RFQ
3250-00382-00 NA NA fastener RFQ
30-251-6BC 5961-01-362-0867 5961 semiconductor devic RFQ
30-037-57 NA NA diode assembly RFQ
30-037-19 NA NA diode assy RFQ
29203300 NA NA bracket RFQ
25-0195-2395 NA NA filter RFQ
247-727-031-1 5315-00-291-7692 5315 pin straight headle RFQ
222-035-200-127S NA NA skin t b fin RFQ
222-035-154-115S NA NA bulkhead RFQ
222-020-771-101 NA NA plug RFQ
222-020-224-001 NA NA clevis RFQ
222-012-721-001 NA NA lockring RFQ
222-001-529-101 NA NA NA RFQ
214-076-800-101 NA NA tube assy RFQ
214-061-889-102 NA NA bracket assy RFQ
214-052-189-105S NA NA bracket assy lh RFQ
214-031-402-170 NA NA NA RFQ
214-030-224-007S NA NA bulkhead assy RFQ
212-075-941-005K NA NA cable assy RFQ
212-075-264-001 5930-01-433-4235 5930 switch toggle RFQ
212-061-812-11 1560-01-613-0370 1560 frame aircraft RFQ
212-030-188-15 1560-01-597-2977 1560 skin aircraft RFQ
209-076-122-1 5310-00-019-5398 5310 nut cylinder coupli RFQ
209-075-325-011 NA NA indicator rpm RFQ
209-064-854-195 1680-01-523-8163 1680 bonded assembly air RFQ
209-032-837-3 1560-01-045-8791 1560 fairing assembly tailboom RFQ
209-031-818-003 NA NA cover assembly RFQ
209-030-212-105 1560-01-463-6346 1560 web installation ai RFQ
209-030-169-2 1560-00-931-1069 1560 support bulkhead ba RFQ
206-075-747-101 NA NA bus bar RFQ
206-075-535-3 7690-01-007-8291 7690 decal RFQ
206-072-524-008 NA NA trim custom RFQ
206-072-261-101 NA NA insert assy RFQ
206-032-500-004 NA NA door assy rh RFQ
206-031-115-33 1560-01-256-8027 1560 windshield panel ai RFQ
205-375-004-101 NA NA indicator RFQ
205-076-357-001 NA NA tube assy RFQ
205-071-113-003 1680-00-342-8858 1680 guard cable externa RFQ
205-032-817-025S NA NA NA RFQ
205-030-627-007 NA NA NA RFQ
205-030-361-003 1560-00-439-3707 1560 support assembly angle RFQ
205-030-245-301S NA NA intercostal RFQ
204-031-467-5 5365-00-998-7628 5365 shim RFQ
204-030-971-003 1560-00-831-0739 1560 seal cargo door RFQ
204-030-296-001S NA NA pan assembly RFQ
204-011-313-1 1680-00-830-9745 1680 lever remote contro RFQ
204-001-230-001 3020-00-633-0855 3020 gear bevel RFQ
130-053-1-1 5970-01-547-0436 5970 sleeving textile el RFQ
120-035-30-10 NA NA shim RFQ
110-089-22D 4730-01-454-8845 4730 tee tube RFQ
104215-1 NA NA terminal rod clevis RFQ

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