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Cessna Aircraft Company Part Number List

Part Number NSN FSC Item Name RFQ
TSLA71565 NA NA bearing RFQ
SK210-104 NA NA line fuel RFQ
SGDMRC44BO NA NA screwdriver ratcheting sof RFQ
SB750-28-12-0 NA NA r fuel RFQ
SB650-23-20-1 NA NA o communications RFQ
S3100-344 NA NA control unit master RFQ
S1241-31 NA NA control RFQ
R860081 NA NA seal grey RFQ
NAS435-8D NA NA clamp RFQ
NAS1149F0363P NA NA washer RFQ
MS9518-17 NA NA bolt RFQ
MS35214-45 NA NA screw RFQ
M8372375R2041-7 NA NA connector RFQ
LA53255155-C NA NA panel uph audio jack reces RFQ
KNS501BA1-8 NA NA knob RFQ
KHC2584 NA NA kit RFQ
E5434 NA NA shell RFQ
D6506R6-13 NA NA checklist RFQ
D10006J04 NA NA nut RFQ
AE3663232K0155 NA NA hose assembly RFQ
AE3660120E0480 NA NA hose ay RFQ
A1635-81 NA NA screw RFQ
9912631-7 NA NA el panel rh cb RFQ
98264-1-100 NA NA stud RFQ
9250010-61 NA NA placard RFQ
6932040-4 NA NA rib rh fwd hss 43 577 RFQ
6792403-26 NA NA 622cb dblr inbd tail RFQ
6619073-39 NA NA exit remove cover placard RFQ
6565160-38 NA NA bracket RFQ
6511034-42 NA NA bracket ms lwr aft rh RFQ
6327320-12 NA NA tube assy flap extend RFQ
6321331-1 NA NA attach strap inbd upr lh RFQ
624100-12D0410 NA NA hose ay RFQ
6221170-173 NA NA gasket RFQ
6211023-15 NA NA splice aft RFQ
5565717-25 NA NA trim assy RFQ
5565275-56 NA NA angle RFQ
5526003-3 NA NA foam block RFQ
5517005-38 NA NA retract li RFQ
5511232-494 NA NA plate bearing RFQ
5417 5910-00-648-8905 5910 capacitor fixed ele RFQ
5390350-25 NA NA kit placrd RFQ
5041000-78 NA NA piston RFQ
5017450-15 NA NA placard RFQ
4979113-4HP14K NA NA switch RFQ
4699014-9 NA NA control ay RFQ
4180914-1 1730-00-245-6991 1730 cover aircraft grou RFQ
4011220-300 1560-00-534-3286 1560 cover access aircra RFQ
4002-3S NA NA stud RFQ
3103750-1 NA NA gasket RFQ
3101676-5 NA NA shim RFQ
2816100-3 NA NA adapter fuel selector RFQ
2522097-1 NA NA rib RFQ
241CCW NA NA pump RFQ
2005015-3 NA NA placard RFQ
1K31-4-8-6 NA NA fitting RFQ
198-223 NA NA plate RFQ
19295 NA NA element RFQ
17960-0103-0002X NA NA fms gns xls RFQ
1717076-3 NA NA nut RFQ
1712058-5 NA NA retainer RFQ
1658537-2 NA NA socket contact RFQ
1620004-7 NA NA lead edge RFQ
162-10700 NA NA wheel half RFQ
16074-109A NA NA seal RFQ
1570300-3-A59 NA NA cover RFQ
1432004-2 NA NA housing RFQ
1414104-10 NA NA bushing RFQ
1280613-3 NA NA block RFQ
1222002-12 NA NA rib assy RFQ
1215043-4-532 NA NA molding RFQ
1213433-50 NA NA bracket RFQ
1213412-44 NA NA bulkhead RFQ
1212424-15 NA NA bracket RFQ
1201-134 NA NA checklist RFQ
1200545-4 NA NA handle RFQ
082-908-058 NA NA wire RFQ
0760683-1 NA NA brake RFQ
0713619-3 1560-01-602-1161 1560 stringer aircraft RFQ
0711118-3 NA NA stiffener RFQ
0650117 1560-00-313-0535 1560 bracket cable clamp RFQ
0613141-2 4720-00-040-9654 4720 hose air duct RFQ
0523901-41 NA NA flap RFQ
0523026-11 NA NA rib RFQ
0514004-12 NA NA cover RFQ
0513240-21 NA NA wheel cntl RFQ
0512211-2 NA NA retainer RFQ
0511326-5 NA NA shield RFQ
0505059-6 NA NA checklist RFQ
0413484-20-B40 NA NA shield emb RFQ

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