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Our vast inventory has over 2 billion aircraft parts sourced from over 5000 top manufacturers including Dasell Cabin Int. Look at our top NSN parts List and choose your required parts item such as Vase, Unit Ballast, Ramp, Egdeprofil Bifolddoor, Profile Doorframe then submit an instant RFQ for a quick, competitive quote for Dasell Cabin Int (CAGE Code ) aerospace and aviation parts.

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Dasell Cabin Int Part Number List

Part Number NSN FSC Item Name RFQ
1245-03 NA NA vase RFQ
1A5000-130000-4 NA NA unit ballast RFQ
5L0019500100000 NA NA ramp RFQ
5L0021000100000 NA NA egdeprofil bifolddoor RFQ
5L0041800101000 NA NA profile doorframe RFQ
7940061D NA NA valve shut off RFQ
8803-01-5000-10 NA NA washer RFQ
A225400211-210 NA NA strip kick RFQ
A225400231-232 NA NA bracket RFQ
A225400270-812 NA NA door single blade rh handic RFQ
A225400276-930 NA NA door single blade rh hanc RFQ
A225400281-004 NA NA hinge RFQ
A225400283-206 NA NA l profile RFQ
A225400426-000 NA NA bracket RFQ
A225400426-012 NA NA bracket RFQ
A225401413-522 NA NA service cabinet upper part RFQ
A225406415-804 NA NA service cabinet lower part RFQ
A225406415-850 NA NA service cabinet lower part RFQ
A225498294-604 NA NA bi foldingdoor sign RFQ
A238101255-016 NA NA washbasin lav a 19 4 RFQ
A3-254-0006-676 NA NA mirror o top RFQ
A3-254-0006-978 NA NA mirror h dlh06 RFQ
A3-254-0012-328 NA NA service box RFQ
A325220312-202 NA NA bracket roll RFQ
A325400294-644 NA NA bi foldingdoor airtrimm 2mm RFQ
A325400400-650 NA NA nursing table RFQ
A325400410-502 NA NA soap dispenser RFQ
A325400424-501 NA NA washstand door RFQ
A325400431-204 NA NA catch RFQ
A325400458-000 NA NA retainer watercup dispenser RFQ
A325400460-500 NA NA water cup dispenser RFQ
A325400484-236 NA NA spacer facil tissue RFQ
A325401201-722 NA NA floor tab a RFQ
A325408201-901 NA NA floor tub k RFQ
A325408202-559 NA NA floor tub k RFQ
A325408202-853 NA NA floor tub k RFQ
A325408203-504 NA NA floor tub h RFQ
A325415201-516 NA NA floor tab n RFQ
A325415201-529 NA NA floor tab j RFQ
A325416201-900 NA NA floor tab n1 RFQ
A325424201-504 NA NA floor tub lav u RFQ
A325427201-614 NA NA floor tab y RFQ
A325428259-200 NA NA connection y1 y z1 z RFQ
A325438273-206 NA NA lever RFQ
A325438470-502 NA NA lav case v han RFQ
A325441452-218 NA NA bolt RFQ
A335238030-000 NA NA tube complete RFQ
A338101030-000 NA NA tube complete RFQ
A338108255-020 NA NA washbasin lav n h 19 3a RFQ
A338116030-000 NA NA tube complete RFQ
A425400286-204 NA NA NA RFQ
A425400400-760 NA NA nursing table incr RFQ
A425400404-550 NA NA closure RFQ
A425400419-507 NA NA cabinet lower part RFQ
A425400432-620 NA NA panel assy washbasin unit RFQ
A425400432-905 NA NA panel assy washbasin unit RFQ
A425400432-927 NA NA panel assy washbasin unit RFQ
A425400432-930 NA NA door assy RFQ
A425400432-961 NA NA panel assy washbasin unit RFQ
A425400433-535 NA NA flap seat cover disp RFQ
A425400437-549 NA NA waschstand cover reinforced RFQ
A425400437-601 NA NA waschstand cover p RFQ
A425400437-681 NA NA waschstand cover k RFQ
A425400445-000 NA NA reflector RFQ
A425400460-612 NA NA shroud RFQ
A425400467-720 NA NA seat assy toilet RFQ
A425400470-110 NA NA mirrordoor incr virgin cpl RFQ
A425400474-521 NA NA mirror cpl RFQ
A425400486-010 NA NA mirror cpl a RFQ
A425400491-706 NA NA flap seat cover dispenser RFQ
A425400493-626 NA NA drawer cpl o p RFQ
A425400502-292 NA NA sign info strip RFQ
A425408458-506 NA NA window funnel cpl RFQ
A425424292-000 NA NA pelmet u v plate RFQ
A425432460-610 NA NA shroud h handicapped RFQ
A438100220-204 NA NA washer chrome RFQ
A438127256-023 NA NA washbasin z no cig RFQ
A438127258-003 NA NA washbasin z RFQ
A825400218-016 NA NA spacer RFQ
A825400467-524 NA NA NA RFQ
A825400468-702 NA NA seat assy toilet RFQ
A825400557-500 NA NA shelf cosmetic RFQ
A825411205-001 NA NA pan floor RFQ
AE3663630H0082 NA NA hose RFQ
DCIN101-2-9 NA NA bumper rail RFQ
DIN965M4X16 NA NA screw RFQ
MS20001P6-8100 NA NA hinge RFQ
NAS1096-2-9 NA NA screw RFQ
NAS1835C08 NA NA insert RFQ
PU460 NA NA o ring RFQ

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