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Eurocopter American Part Number List

Part Number NSN FSC Item Name RFQ
WAGN15E NA NA ball bearing RFQ
SL607M6-6S NA NA sandwich insert RFQ
SB-117C2-52-012-2C2 NA NA ret lh center rail RFQ
RTN5-14 NA NA union RFQ
RCT2A502T501BB NA NA relais temporise RFQ
RA5806 NA NA bulkhead union RFQ
MS9388-140 NA NA o ring RFQ
MS28775-032 NA NA packing RFQ
MBBN3318-25-68-120 NA NA grounding strip RFQ
MBBN125-W3-5 NA NA clamp RFQ
M85049-52S14W NA NA union RFQ
LN9439M6X15 NA NA screw RFQ
LN94-15050 NA NA cotter pin RFQ
LN9380M6X75 NA NA hex screw RFQ
LN9136-04008 NA NA countersunk screw RFQ
L80101-106 NA NA plate RFQ
L713M2059101 NA NA stiffener assy RFQ
L713M1087101 NA NA seal lh RFQ
L291M0020101 NA NA tubing 6 RFQ
L22183-60-27-5BCL NA NA screw RFQ
L22111-50-37-5BCL NA NA screw RFQ
L110M1805247 NA NA placard RFQ
K2-SS NA NA receptacle RFQ
H2661-23 NA NA lower body RFQ
E27619U40UMUF NA NA washer cup RFQ
E21351-20-26-2FU NA NA gasket metal plastic RFQ
D107613 NA NA actuator RFQ
CR3552-5-3 NA NA rivet RFQ
C800556 NA NA seal RFQ
C710G2003101 NA NA blank exhaust pipe RFQ
C23947-2 NA NA nose leg actuator RFQ
C008A021206371 NA NA modif RFQ
A30010-6 NA NA o ring RFQ
993303-203-3 NA NA braid bonding RFQ
6100RAA14B19PW NA NA connecteur nas 1599 allege RFQ
55142-001 NA NA receptacle RFQ
5319-05-010 NA NA pin spring RFQ
4649305034 NA NA NA RFQ
42370 NA NA ritir rpm ind RFQ
373GC01Y NA NA master electrical box RFQ
366A54-1125-27 NA NA door lh RFQ
365A57-3313-20 NA NA rondelles de reglage RFQ
365A41-3033-20 NA NA lock pin RFQ
365A27-4034-20 NA NA bush RFQ
365A25-3133-20 NA NA link RFQ
365A25-3038-20 NA NA NA RFQ
360A33-4025-20 NA NA ring retaining RFQ
360A32-1233-21 NA NA plug RFQ
355A53-3525-20 NA NA plate upper RFQ
355A21-2177-02 NA NA plate RFQ
350A86400103 NA NA manille de liaison RFQ
350A54-0201-5951 NA NA hose length 2 meters RFQ
350A41-1014-20 NA NA front plug RFQ
350A37-1199-21 NA NA bush repair RFQ
350A33-1036-20 NA NA baffle RFQ
350A23-1053-4251 NA NA NA RFQ
350A21-4617-20 NA NA attachment fitting RFQ
350A13101220 NA NA webbed RFQ
350A00-0122-56 NA NA label RFQ
341A35-0162-09 NA NA shaft torquemeter assy RFQ
332P85910360 NA NA plate name RFQ
332A61-6131-03 NA NA plate assy RFQ
332A52-1053-01 NA NA pipe RFQ
332A3902632101 NA NA angle rh RFQ
332A22-1376-00 NA NA NA RFQ
330A25-2013-27 NA NA NA RFQ
330A21-2022-24 NA NA raidisseur de plancher g RFQ
31B5EP2 NA NA elastomer plate RFQ
3130S52-20-013 NA NA hose RFQ
25X48-61D6 NA NA o ring RFQ
247SP39-0064 NA NA sealing RFQ
23134AG100LE NA NA washer RFQ
23111DB030 NA NA rondelle d equilibrage RFQ
22272TK050012X NA NA screw mushroom head RFQ
22125BC080018L NA NA bolt RFQ
202000-1 NA NA circuit card assy RFQ
18003-000-01 NA NA bush RFQ
159110VI-22 NA NA screw RFQ
117-97303-01 NA NA board RFQ
117-72425-01 NA NA spacer RFQ
117-62721-02 NA NA sideward link rh RFQ
117-22953-13 NA NA seal RFQ
117-151381 NA NA retrofit kit RFQ
1121-13143 NA NA ball end assy RFQ
105-607111.01 NA NA thrust rod RFQ
105-606011.11 NA NA locating washer RFQ
105-42242.01 NA NA bolt RFQ
105-42121W4 NA NA pressing device RFQ
050031 NA NA brush RFQ
022TA0101 NA NA panel warning RFQ

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