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Hartzell Propeller Inc Part Number List

Part Number NSN FSC Item Name RFQ
W9350C-4.6 NA NA blade unit aluminum RFQ
V3-12 NA NA governor assembly v 3 RFQ
PR909-6 5331-01-384-9889 5331 o ring RFQ
MV10133N-17Q NA NA blade unit aluminum RFQ
L2F00015-YC NA NA propeller RFQ
HC-E4P-5E-OH NA NA o h kit RFQ
HC-E4N-3A 1610-01-425-5176 1610 propeller aircraft RFQ
HC-D4N-3RD9511FD-630 NA NA propeller RFQ
HC-C3YR-2UF-FC8468K- NA NA propeller RFQ
HC-C2YR-1BFF7496-2 NA NA propeller RFQ
HC-C2YL-1BFF7663A-4S NA NA propeller RFQ
HC-B4MN-5AL LM10585B 1610-01-418-9402 1610 propeller aircraft RFQ
HC-A2V20-1 1610-01-542-9706 1610 propeller aircraft RFQ
HC-A2MVK-2-OH NA NA o h kit RFQ
FC7666A-2 1 NA NA pcp blade unit b 3202h 8 cwt RFQ
FC7663K-2R NA NA blade unit aluminum RFQ
FC7663D-3 NA NA blade unit aluminum RFQ
F8468T-12 NA NA blade unit aluminum RFQ
F6-39 NA NA governor assembly f 6 RFQ
F6-24Z NA NA governor assembly f 6 RFQ
E3R00120KD NA NA propeller RFQ
DT-172493 NA NA bushing block RFQ
DT-1724100 NA NA backing plate RFQ
DST-3049+64 NA NA hydraulic hose RFQ
D4N00310 NA NA propeller RFQ
D4N00150 NA NA propeller RFQ
D3251-2 NA NA hub RFQ
D-6563-21 NA NA pcp hub unit hc e2yl 2 4 RFQ
D-6557-21 NA NA pcp hub unit hc i2yr 1 RFQ
D-4812-1P NA NA bulkhead unit RFQ
D-3437-7P NA NA bulkhead unit RFQ
D-3434-8 NA NA spinner assembly RFQ
D-3434-12 NA NA spinner assembly RFQ
C3F00190 NA NA propeller RFQ
C3F00005 NA NA propeller RFQ
C2R10707 NA NA propeller RFQ
C2K00046 NA NA propeller RFQ
C-807-1 NA NA spinner bulkhead RFQ
C-792-B NA NA race blade side RFQ
C-5594-1 NA NA ring forward bulkhead RFQ
C-4523-1P NA NA cap dome RFQ
C-4523 NA NA cap dome RFQ
C-3532-3P NA NA dome unit 3 blade RFQ
C-3317-426 NA NA o ring RFQ
C-3317-340-3 NA NA o ring RFQ
C-3317-212-2 NA NA o ring RFQ
C-2531-1P NA NA dome 3 blade RFQ
C-2458-1 NA NA slinger ring unit RFQ
C-2284-5P NA NA dome unit 2 blade RFQ
BST-5845 NA NA 45o 6 flute chamfer tool RFQ
BST-3067 NA NA socket assembly RFQ
BST-3004-19A NA NA face template n7605 4 24 st RFQ
BST-2905 NA NA rod guide RFQ
B3N10592 NA NA propeller RFQ
B3956 NA NA pulse generator RFQ
B2452-1 NA NA cylinder unit RFQ
B-7400-6 NA NA card comments overhaul kit RFQ
B-6986-500M NA NA insert thread thinwall RFQ
B-6733 NA NA dowel pin 1 4 RFQ
B-3837-0363 NA NA washer corrosion resistant RFQ
B-3652 NA NA spool beta valve RFQ
B-317 3040-01-467-8746 3040 weight counterbalan RFQ
B-2160-2 NA NA hub control arm RFQ
AST-3163 NA NA protection kit shot peen RFQ
AST-2805 NA NA 24 spline torque adaptor RFQ
A-827-1 NA NA sleeve rod guide RFQ
A-5654-14 NA NA spacer pitch lock unit RFQ
A-2420-22 5365-01-580-5406 5365 spacer sleeve RFQ
A-224-4-OH NA NA o h kit RFQ
A-2195-2 NA NA orifice governor RFQ
A-2159-3 NA NA control arm RFQ
A-2038-4 NA NA screw 1 4 28 cap RFQ
A-1849 NA NA pcp sleeve spacer RFQ
A-1683-2 NA NA bushing tappet RFQ
9943SCO48 NA NA sco48 snap on crow foot wrench RFQ
991200310 NA NA 528x310 anti static paint RFQ
838-82 NA NA pcp clamp assembly RFQ
7998-128 NA NA rolling machine maint manual RFQ
7998-127 NA NA spinner assy maintenance guide RFQ
7931-3E2050 NA NA wire harness RFQ
791104342 NA NA q4342 quad rng seal RFQ
57C3161-4 5340-01-467-8750 5340 plate mounting RFQ
57A4240 5331-01-467-8738 5331 o ring RFQ
3H1271-2 5340-01-575-5940 5340 clip end strap RFQ
1H1111 NA NA switch face plate RFQ
104150 NA NA forward bulkhead RFQ
104071 NA NA spinner assembly RFQ
103585 NA NA spinner assembly RFQ
100923 NA NA wrench strap RFQ

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