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Yazaki Industries Inc - Aerospace Parts List

CAGE Code: 520C7

Operating Segments: Automotive

HQ: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Partner: Plug and Play

About the Yazaki Corporation

Yazaki Corporation is a Japanese automotive parts supplier for a global set of customers, offering connectors, terminals, wire harnesses, and other instruments and products. While Yazaki is headquartered in Japan, only about 10% of their entire workforce is domestic.

Yazaki first began operations in 1929, initially serving as a small business which sold wiring harnesses for automobiles. 9 years later, Yazaki Densen Eigyo-bu was established as a joint-stock company, and they built their Ogu Factory in Tokyo the following year. Throughout the following decades, Yazaki oversaw consistent growth as they built new facilities, acquired various businesses to expand upon their manufacturing, and introduced new products to their lineup. Additionally, Yazaki has formed a variety of subsidiary companies under them over the years to carry out their needed operations.

During the 1960s, Yazaki oversaw a great diversification of their products, introducing solar water heaters, LP gas alarms, automotive junction blocks, and much more. Furthermore, Yazki expanded into foreign markets, establishing various facilities across the globe. As of the present, Yazaki has continued their internal and external growth, as well as have set themselves apart as a well-respected company within the automotive industry.

Products, Services, and Platforms

  • Automotive Industry: Yazaki develops automotive components, systems, and other similar products such as harness connectors, terminals and seals, data connectivity products, wires, headers, and permanent power supply systems.
  • Energy System: Yazaki specializes in electrical distribution systems and produces state-of-the-art technologies including wires, junction boxes, fuses, connectors, and more.
  • Home Building Equipment: Yazaki manufactures products for buildings such as gas equipment, air conditioning equipment, solar equipment, and electrical wires
  • Nursing Care and Environmental Business: Recently, Yazaki Corporation has begun expansion into its new sector focusing on nursing care and environmental businesses.


The Yazaki Corporation has partnered with Plug and Play in 2018 in an effort to help advance the automotive industry’s technological innovations, alongside other entities during their operational history. Yazaki Corporation also owns a variety of subsidiary companies, some examples including YAZAKI Europe Limited, Yazaki North America, Inc., Yazaki Energy Systems Inc., Thai Arrow Products, and others.


The Yazaki Corporation’s competitors include Delphi, Lear, SMG, Valeo, ZF, Bosch, WABCO, Eaton, DENSO, and Continental.

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