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Military Aircraft Model Number Cheetah

Manufacturer : Denel

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : South africa

Type : One/two-seat combat and training aircraft

Max Speed : 2337 km/h 1,452 mph

Max Range : N/a

Dimensions : Span 8.22 m/26 ft 11.6 in) length 15.40 m/50 ft 6.3 in height 4.25 m/13 ft 11.3 in 11.3 in)

Weight : N/a

Powerplant : One7200-kg (15,873-lb) afterburning thrust SNECMA Afar 9K-50 turbojet

Armament : One 30 mm DEFA cannon; V3B Kukri, V3C Darter, Python and Shafrir dogfight aams; AS.30 asms; bombs; rockets

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