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Military Aircraft Model Number Ching-Kuo

Manufacturer : AIDC

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Taiwan

Type : Lightweight air-defence fighter with anti-ship capability

Max Speed : 1275 km/h / 792 mph

Max Range : N/a

Dimensions : Span 9.00 m / 29 ft 6 in over missile railslength 14.48 m / 47 ft 6 in including probe

Weight : Normal 9072 kg / 20,000 Ib

Powerplant : Two 4291-kg (9,460-lb) afterburning thrust ITEC (Garrett/AIDC) TFE1042-70 turbofans

Armament : One 20-mm General Electric M61A1 Vulcan rotary six-barrel cannon, and provision for an unrevealed weight of disposable stores carried on six external hardpoints (two under the fuselage, two under the wings and two at the wingtips) for four Tien Chien 1 short-range aams, or two Tien Chien 2 medium-range aams, or four Tien Chien 1 and two Tien Chien 2 aams, or three Hsiung Feng II anti-shipmissiles and two Tien Chien 1 aams, or agms, or various combinations of cannon pods, rocket-launcher pods and bombs

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