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Military Aircraft Model Number EF-2000 Typhoon

Manufacturer : Eurofighter

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Germany, Italy, Spain and UK

Type : Multi-role fighter

Max Speed : 1,147 kt / 1,321 mph

Max Range : Between 463 and 556 km

Dimensions : Span 10.50 m / 34 ft 5.5 in length 14,50 m / 47 ft 7 in height about 4.00 m / 13 ft 1.5 in

Weight : Empty 9,750 kg / 21,495 lb maximum take-off 21,000 kg / 46,297 lb

Powerplant : Two 9,185-kg (20,250-lb) afterburning thrust Eurojet EJ200 turbofans

Armament : One 27-mm Mauser BK27 cannon on the starboard side of the forward fuselage, and provision for up to 6500 kg (14,330 Ib) of stores on four semi-recessed underfuselage missile stations and nine hardpoints (one centreline, six under the wings, and two at the wing tips); typical weapons are short- and medium-range aams, and a wide assortment of asms. Anti-radar missiles, and guided and unguided bombs

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