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Military Aircraft Model Number F-111

Manufacturer : General Dynamics

Category : Bombers

Origin : Usa

Type : Two-seat all-weather attack aircraft

Max Speed : 2,335 km/h / 1,450 mph

Max Range : 5,093 km / 3,165 miles

Dimensions : Span 19.20 m / 63 ft 0 in length 22.40 m / 73 ft 6 in height 5.22 m / 17 ft 1.2 in

Weight : Empty 20,943 kg / 46,172 lb max. Take-off 41,504 kg / 91,500 lb

Powerplant : Two Pratt & Whitney TF30 afterburning turbofans: 8390-kg (18,500-lb) static thrust

Armament : Two 341-kg (750-lb) B-43 bombs, or one 20-mm M61 multi-barrel cannon and one B-43 bomb, in internal weapons bay; three underwing hardpoints on each outer wing panel, the inner four pivoting to keep stores aligned as wings sweep, the outer two non-pivoting and jettisonable. All six wing points 'wet', for carriage of drop-tanks instead of weapons; The FB-111A carries the Boeing SRAM for nuclear strike. Two wings serve on the east coast of America as part of SAC'S nuclear bomber force.

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