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Military Aircraft Model Number F-2

Manufacturer : Mitsubishi

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Japan/USA

Type : One-seat or two-seat multi-purpose fighter

Max Speed : 1,321 mph/2,125 km/h

Max Range : 518 nm/834 km

Dimensions : Span 36 ft 6 in/11.13 m, length 50 ft 11 in/15.52 m, height 15 ft 5 in/4.69 m

Weight : Empty weight 21,000 lbs/9,527 kg, max take-off weight 48,500 lbs/22,000 kg

Powerplant : One General Electric F110-GE-129 turbofan engine with 16,973 lbs static thrust without afterburner or 29,607 lbs with afterburner

Armament : Maximum weapons load is reported at 19,840 lbs/9,000 kg, including Japanese developed Mitsubishi AAM-3 air-to-air missiles as well as XASM-2 anti-ship missile

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