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Military Aircraft Model Number F-22 Raptor

Manufacturer : Lockheed Martin

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Usa

Type : Advanced tactical fighter

Max Speed : 1,963 km/h / 1,220 mph

Max Range : 1,840 miles / 2,960 km

Dimensions : Span 13.56 m / 44 ft 6 in Length 18.92 m / 62 ft 1 in Height 5.00 m / 16 ft 5 in

Weight : Max. Take-off 27,216 kg / 60,000 lb

Powerplant : Two 15876-kg (35.000-lb) afterburning thrust Pratt & Whitney F119-P-100 turbofans

Armament : One 20-mm M61A2 Vulcan six-barrel cannon; an unrevealed maximum weight of disposable stores carried in two lateral weapon bays and one lower-fuselage weapon bay; the lateral bays are designed to accommodate short-range aams such as the AIM-9 Sidewinder, while the larger lower-fuselage bay is intended for the carriage of medium-range weapons such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM AAM; other weapons projected for the F-22 include the 'Have Sash 2' AAM and 'Have Slick' ASM currently under development

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