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Military Aircraft Model Number J-10

Manufacturer : Chengdu

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : China

Type : Multi-purpose fighter

Max Speed : Mach 1.85

Max Range : 1,149 miles/1,850 km

Dimensions : Span 11.3 m/37.2 ft, length 16.5 m/54.0 ft, height 6.0 m/19.7 ft

Weight : Empty weight 15,299 lbs/6,940 kg max take-off weight 40,564 lb/18,400 kg

Powerplant : One Saturn/Lyulka AL-31FN turbofan engine with 19,334lbs static thrust with afterburner and 27,562 lbs without afterburner, alternatively with a Chinese WPS-12 turbofan engine.

Armament : A combination of short range air-air PL-8 missiles, medium range air-air PL-11 missiles and additional tanks, air to ground rockets, bombs and a minimum of seven to a maximum of eleven weapon stations. Maximum weapon load around 18,518 lbs/8,400 kg. Built-in 23mm or 30mm cannon.

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