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Military Aircraft Model Number J-8 II / F-8 Finback

Manufacturer : Shenyang

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : China

Type : Multi-role fighter

Max Speed : Mach 2.2

Max Range : 800 km / 430 miles

Dimensions : Span 9.34 m (30 ft 7.7 in)length 21.59 m (70 ft 10 in)height 5.41 m (17 ft 9 in)

Weight : Empty, 9,820 kg (21,650 Ib); max TO, 17,800 kg (39,242 Ib)

Powerplant : Two 42.7/65.9-kn (9,590/14,815-lb st) military/ma thrust Guizhou WP13A II afterburning turbojets

Armament : One 23-mm Type 23-3 twin-barrel cannon with 20C and seven stores stations (one on the centerline and six ben(wings). For the air-to-air role, a combination of up to six PL-2B IR-homing missiles and PL-7 SARH missiles is carried. For the ground role, bombs, rocket pods (each with 18 57-mm rockets), or 90-mm rockets are carried beneath the wings

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