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Military Aircraft Model Number K-8 Karakorum

Manufacturer : Nanchang

Category : Trainer

Origin : China/pakistan

Type : Two-seat basic trainer and light ground attack aircraft

Max Speed : 497 mph/800 km/h

Max Range : 924 miles/1,487 km

Dimensions : Span 31 ft 7 in/9.63 m, length 38 ft/11.58 m, height 13 ft 10 in/4.22 m

Weight : Empty weight 5,924 lbs/2,687 kg, max take-off weight 9,546 lbs/4,330 kg

Powerplant : One alliedsignal TFE731-2A-2A turbofan engine with 3,597 lbs static thrust (K-8J) Progress Al-25 turbofan engine with 4,946 lbs static thrust

Armament : 1x23mm cannon bay under the fuselage and four wing pylons for bombs, rocket pods, or missiles. Maximum weapons load 2,079 lbs/943 kg

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