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Military Aircraft Model Number KA-50 Hokum

Manufacturer : Kamov

Category : Helicopters

Origin : USSR

Type : Air-to-air combat/ground-attack helicopter

Max Speed : 188 kt / 217 mph

Max Range : 250 km / 155 miles

Dimensions : Rotor diam. 14.50 m /45 ft 6.9 in eachlength 16.00 m / 52 ft 5.9 inheight 5.40 m / 17 ft 8.6 in

Weight : Max. Take-off 7,500 kg / 16,534 lb

Powerplant : Two 1660-kw (2,226-shp) Isotov TV3-117VK turboshafts

Armament : One 30-mm 2A42 cannon with 500 rounds in a barbette on the starboard side of the nose, and provision for an unrevealed weight of disposable stores carried on four hardpoints and generally comprising four multiple launchers each carrying 20 80-mm (3.15-in) rockets, two eight-round clusters of AT-9 'Whirlwind' anti-tank missiles, asms and short-range aams

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