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Military Aircraft Model Number Mi-6 Hook

Manufacturer : Mil

Category : Helicopters

Origin : Russia

Type : Heavy transport helicopter

Max Speed : 300 km/h / 186 mph

Max Range : 620 km / 365 miles

Dimensions : Main rotor diameter 35.00 m (114 ft 10 in) length rotors turning 41.74 m (136 ft 11.5 in) height 9.86 m(32 ft 4.2 in)

Weight : Empty 27240 kg (60,054 Ib); maximum vertical take-off 42500 kg (93,696 Ib)

Powerplant : Two 4101-kw (5,500-shp) Soloviev D-25V (TB-2BM) turboshafts

Armament : Normally none, but some have been seen with a 12.7-mm (0.5-in) trainable machine gun in the nose

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