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Military Aircraft Model Number MiG-17 Fresco

Manufacturer : Mikoyan-Gurevich

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Russia

Type : Fighter-bomber

Max Speed : 617 kt / 711 mph

Max Range : 1,980 km / 1,230 miles

Dimensions : Span 9.63 m / 31 ft 7.1 in length 11.26 m / 36ft 11.3 in height 3.80 m / 12 ft 5.6 in

Weight : Empty 3,930 kg / 8,664 lb max. Take-off 6,075 kg / 13,393 lb

Powerplant : One 3380-kg (7,452-lb) afterburning thrust Klimov VK-1 F turbojet

Armament : One 37-mm N-37D cannon with 40 rounds and two 23-mm NR-23 cannon with 80 rounds per gun; four (later six) underwing hardpoints for bombs and/or rocket launchers and, later in the type's life, two AA-2 'Atoll' aams; the inboard hardpoints were usually reserved for drop tanks

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