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Military Aircraft Model Number Super Etendard

Manufacturer : Dassault

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : France

Type : Carrierborne strike/attack and interceptor fighter

Max Speed : 637 kt / 733 mph

Max Range : 850 km /528 miles

Dimensions : Span 9.60 m / 31 ft 6 inlength 14.31 m / 46 ft 11.2 inheight 3.86 m / 12 ft 8 in

Weight : Empty 6500 kg / 14,330 lbmax. Take-off 12000 kg /26,455 lb

Powerplant : One 5000-kg (11,023-lb) dry thrust SNECMA Afar 8K-50 turbojet

Armament : Two 30-mm DEFA 553 cannon with 125 rounds per gun, plus provision for up to 2100 kg (4,630 Ib) of stores carried on five external pylons, including AN-52 and ASMP nuclear weapons, Exocet and (Argentina only) Martin Pescador asms, Magic aams, bombs and rockets, and refuelling and reconnaissance pods

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