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Military Aircraft Model Number Tiger

Manufacturer : Eurocopter

Category : Helicopters

Origin : France/Germany

Type : Two-seat anti-tank and close support helicopter

Max Speed : 167 mph/269 km/h

Max Range : 497 miles/800 km

Dimensions : Main roter diam. 42 ft 7 3/4 in/13.0 m, length 51 ft 10 in/15.80 m, height 17 ft 3/4 in/5.20 m

Weight : Empty 7,275 lb/3,300 kg, max. Take-off 13,448 lb/6,100 kg

Powerplant : Two MTU/Turbomeca/Rolls-Royce MTR 390 turboshaft

Armament : Up to eight HOT 2/HOT 3 atms, plus four Stinger 2 or Mistral short-range aams, additional options include unguided 68mm rockets, podded 12.7mm guns and fuel tanks

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