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Military Aircraft Model Number TU-95 Bear

Manufacturer : Tupolev

Category : Bombers

Origin : Russia

Type : Long-range strategic bomber and cruise missile platform

Max Speed : 440 kt / 506 mph

Max Range : 12,656 km / 8,100 miles

Dimensions : Span 51.10 m / 167 ft 7.8 in length 49.50 m / 162 ft 4.8 in height 12.12 m / 39 ft 9.2 in

Weight : Empty 120,000 kg / 264,550 lb max. Take-off 188,000 kg / 414,469 lb

Powerplant : Four 11186-ekw (15,000-eshp) Kuznetsov NK-12MV turboprops

Armament : Two 23-mm NR-23 cannon in a manned tail turret, plus 16 RK-55 (AS-15 'Kent') cruise missiles carried in the weapons bay (six on a rotary launcher), under the wing roots (two on each side) and between the engine pairs (three on each side)

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