NSN 3120-00-001-5040 (3120000015040) Bearing Half Set Sl Parts List

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NSN 3120-00-001-5040, National Stock Number, is a 13-digit serial number assigned by the US DLA to an item that is bought, stored, and sold via the federal supply chain. Unlike part numbers, NSNs are not arbitrary and follow a specific classification system.

NSN 3120-00-001-5040 Details

Alternative NSN: 3120000015040
Manufacturers Navistar Intl Corp
Item Name Bearing Half Set Sl
INC Code 21963
Federal Supply Group (FSG) 31 Bearings
Federal Supply Class (FSC) 3120 Bearings Plain Unmounted
National Item Identification Number (NIIN) 00-001-5040 (000015040)
NCB Code USA (00)

Associated Part Numbers of NSN 3120-00-001-5040

Part Number Manufacturer Item Name CAGE Code Type Status RFQ
317922C92 navistar intl corp bearing half set sl 89346 a a RFQ

Relevant Components for NSN - 3120-00-001-5040, 3120000015040

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3110-00-001-4665 (3110000014665) 3110-00-001-4689 (3110000014689) 3110-00-001-4707 (3110000014707) 3110-00-001-4722 (3110000014722)
3110-00-001-4748 (3110000014748) 3110-00-001-4769 (3110000014769) 3110-00-001-4834 (3110000014834) 3110-00-001-4852 (3110000014852)

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