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Bearing - Component Catalog

Part Family: Hardware

Manufacturers: Bearings are manufactured by Pentair Pump Group Inc, United Technologies Corp, General Electric Company, Eaton Corp, Timken Company, Fag Bearing Corporation, and General Motors Corp.

Functionality of Bearings: Bearings help support and guide the rotating or sliding element of a machine. There are numerous types of bearings that each help to reduce friction within a machine. Instead of two stationary materials sliding past one another, a bearing streamlines the movement as the surface area of the moving parts is reduced. The efficiency of the machine is increased as the bearings mitigate the amount of power the moving element uses.

FSG: Bearings are classified under the Federal Supply Group 31: Bearings

FSC: Depending on the application and construction of the bearing, it could be categorized under FSC 3110, 3120, or 3130.

Common Applications: Bearings can be found in aircraft landing gear. Upper and lower bearings are located in the main landing gear structure. The bearings are designed to absorb shock as the plane touches the runway during landing. Bearings are also used to manipulate a control surface such as ailerons. Motor rotor bearing are specific to rotary wing aircraft. Tail rotor bearings, main rotor swashplate slider bearings and main rotor pitch link bearings are all examples. Similar to aircraft, bearings are used in the moving parts of an automotive: water pumps, transmissions, and wheels. A closer inspection of the inside of a car will show bearings being used in the gearbox, wheels, suspension and clutch. Bronze bearings, tri metal bearings, and bi-metal bearings are popular choices of marine craft bearing material. Bearings can be found on passenger vessels, container vessels and battleship amongst many other marine craft.

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