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Gasket - Component Catalog

Part Family: Hardware

Manufacturers: Gaskets are manufactured by Terex American Crane Corp, Piper Aircraft Inc, Grove Corp, Bosch Rexroth Corporation, Simmonds Precision Products Inc, and Ross Operating Valve Co.

Functionality of Gaskets: Gaskets are a ring-shaped mechanical seals used in a variety of aircraft applications. The mechanical devices prevent leakage of gas or liquids in sealing applications; they also act as a safety device and are designed to fail in extreme pressure loads. They act as anti-vibration devices that secure the connection between two surfaces; in addition, they can be used for support and mounting purposes. A gasket is typically constructed of materials including plastic polymers, copper, silicon, rubber, and a variety of metal alloys. Gasket types include flange gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, and fishbone gaskets.

FSG: Gaskets are categorized under FSG 53: Hardware and Abrasives

FSC: Gaskets are categorized under FSC 5330: Packing and Gasket Materials

Common Applications: Gaskets are utilized in pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, and ultra-high vacuum systems. In the case of aircraft, gaskets are commonly used in the fuel systems. Cork gaskets can be used as an oil seal between the engine crankcase and accessories. Gaskets are also useful in applications where there is an uneven service that needs covering. Gaskets are used in the fluid systems around the end caps of actuating cylinders and valves.

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