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Aircraft Avionics Parts And Components

ASAP Aerospace is a premier distributor of aircraft avionics, including hard-to-find components such as 010-00836-11, 010-00967-0X, 010-00967-1X, 010-01518-0x, and 010-11756-01. We source from trusted manufacturers such as Garmin, Dynon Avionics, Aspen Avionics, and more. If there are specific part numbers or part types that you are searching for, you may also use our included search engine and filters to narrow down results with ease. All avionics parts listed on our website are currently available for purchase at any time, and customers may send us a completed RFQ form to request quotes for their comparisons.

As avionics systems have advanced over the last 50 years, many modern helicopters, airplanes, and spacecraft have become reliant on the proper functioning of such systems for a convenient and safe flight. Fly-by-Wire systems, radar, autopilot, navigational systems, and their interfaces are integral to daily operations on modern airframes. Updated Fly-by-Wire systems and their components contribute to flight safety by ensuring the aircraft does not exceed its intended limits. Additionally, they increase cost efficiency by reducing drag, saving fuel, and preventing the need for costly repairs. Similarly, digital indicators that display information such as angle of attack, engine monitoring, and airspeed can give real-time and easy-to-view information.

Global positioning systems (GPS) have become ubiquitous with airline travel as they provide safe and flexible routes for the autopilot system. Refurbishing older navigation equipment allows for quicker processing speed, more user-friendly interfaces, and higher resolution touchscreen displays. As regulated by the FAA, all automated flight control systems must be serviceable and cannot have been identified in an Airworthiness Directive notification. In addition to standard GPS units, weather radar systems such as the Garmin Gwx-70R 010-00676-2X feature real-time precipitation intensity, ground mapping, and turbulence detection.

In addition to avionic systems that assist with flight control, our catalog includes accessories and emergency transmitters. Finding a properly fitting headset and headset adapter reduces the risk of occupational noise exposure and is crucial to the pilots' comfort, especially during long flights. Next, please choose from our selection of aviation-centered smartwatches, which feature color mapping, automatic flight logging, 12-day battery life, and the ability to sync with other avionics systems. Finally, browse our selection of emergency transmitters, including the FAA-mandated auto-activating transmitters and handheld personal location beacons for backup.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to ASAP Aerospace, which is why we take every measure possible to ensure you receive high-quality, dependable products. Before any order is sent out, it undergoes visual inspections, cross-referencing for part numbers, paperwork verification, and more. Our commitment to quality control allows us to operate as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certified and accredited enterprise. In addition, we are here to help even if you face a time constraint or AOG situation, as our vast network of suppliers allows us to expedite shipping and offer same-day shipping on select items. If you would like to begin the purchasing process on parts that you are interested in or would like to speak with one of our representatives, please call us at (714-705-4780) or email ( today, and we would be more than happy to assist you as needed.

Part No RFQ
A30.9 RFQ
A30.5 RFQ
962830-1A RFQ
962820-xA RFQ
8100 RFQ
8000 RFQ
8-311-10 RFQ
8-310-xx RFQ
8-211-10 RFQ
8-210 RFQ
7040C.28 RFQ
7030C.27 RFQ
7000C.31 RFQ
5934PM-3A.84 RFQ
5934PM-3A.199 RFQ
5934PA-3A.86 RFQ
5934PA-3A.122 RFQ
5934P-3A.83 RFQ
5934P-3A.194 RFQ
504-0006-95XXX RFQ
5-411-x0 RFQ
5-410-x0 RFQ
5-300-x0 RFQ
5-300-4x RFQ
40501-02 RFQ
353-201 RFQ
353-101 RFQ
327080-0020 RFQ
327080-0010 RFQ
327079-0010 RFQ
324843-X040/327... RFQ
23-501-06-16 RFQ
23-501-031-1 RFQ
1U262-003-14 PM... RFQ
1U262-001-39 RFQ
19-81X-XXX RFQ
19-51X-XXX RFQ
16-31X-D RFQ
16-312 RFQ
16-311 RFQ
16-310 RFQ
16-211 RFQ
16-210 RFQ
15-200 RFQ
14-260 RFQ
12-660 RFQ
12-560 RFQ
12-460 RFQ
12-260 RFQ
104-12 RFQ
101-0263-10 RFQ
101-0246-00 RFQ
101-0243-10 RFQ
100-0005-00 RFQ
100-0004-00 RFQ
100-0003-00 RFQ
010-11756-05 RFQ
010-11756-04 RFQ
010-11756-03 RFQ
010-11756-01 RFQ
010-01518-0x RFQ
010-00967-1X RFQ
010-00967-0X RFQ
010-00836-11 RFQ
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