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A NATO Stocking Number refers to a Unique Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) code that is assigned by the Codification Bureau of a NATO Member Nation to tangible items that are procured, stocked, stored, and issued through their supply system on a regular basis.


ASAP Aerospace is a globally recognized distributor of NSN parts and components used by customers in aviation, military, and commercial industries alike. With our unwavering commitment to providing top-quality products and services to a global customer base, we proudly operate with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accreditation.

Across our database, we offer over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find NSN products, all of which are available for purchase at any time. However, to make the procurement process simple, we have made it so that our database can be searched using the NATO Stock Number (NSN) associated with any particular part number. Simply enter an NSN into the provided search bar on our website, and you will be able to narrow down results quickly and easily. Our proprietary software can cross-reference between NSN formats with ease, allowing you to enter an NSN like “2930-12-163-1172,” “12-163-1172,” or “2930121631172.”

Also known as a National Stock Number, an NSN is a 13-digit code that conveys specific information about a particular item of supply for the means of identification and tracking. The coding system has been adopted by all member nations of NATO, as well as a few non-member nations. The first four digits of a typical NSN represent the Federal Supply Class (FSC), which is used to group similar types of items together. The next two digits signify the country-of-origin code, denoting the country that first codified the item. Lastly, the remaining seven digits are unique to each NSN and are sequentially assigned.

NATO Stock Numbers are the official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the NATO supply system. While part numbers and descriptions may vary between manufacturers, NSNs remain constant between listings, ensuring a quick and simplistic way for anyone to identify what a particular part is.

NSNs can be used to identify and manage almost every imaginable item, listings ranging from aircraft parts to toilet paper. Aside from facilitating the standardization of item names, NSNs also facilitate supply language, characteristics, and management data, reducing duplicate items in government inventories. They also help to standardize military parts requirements for testing and evaluation of potential items of supply. In the United States, the official online NSN search system is called WebFLIS.

Government agencies, including the US Department of Defense and NATO, use NSNs to buy and manage billions of dollars' worth of supplies annually. Currently, there are over 17 million active NSNs in the NSN Catalog and more than 10 million historical NSNs that are no longer actively used. Together, these NSNs represent more than 42 million manufacturer part numbers from more than 2.6 million suppliers.

With a better understanding of NSNs and how they are used, you can see their massive importance in the trade of material items of supply. Here on ASAP Aerospace, we can help you secure competitive pricing and rapid lead times on a plethora of new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find NSN components that are readily available for purchase from us at any time. To kick off the quotation process, fill out and submit an RFQ form as provided on our website with as much information as you can regarding your needs, and a member of our staff will contact you in 15 minutes or less to present a tailored solution for your comparisons.

NATO Codification Bureaux

Country CTR MOE NCB NCAGE Category
Albania ALB YH 59 A***H NATO
Algeria DZA VN 82 B***B Tier 1
Argentina ARG YF 29 W***# Tier 2
Australia AUS ZA 66 Z***# Tier 2
Austria AUT WB 41 #***N Tier 2
Azerbaijan AZE none none none Other
Belgium BEL ZB 13 B***# NATO
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH VB 75 A***U Tier 1
Brazil BRA YA 19 #***K Tier 2
Brunei Darussalam BRN VC 76 A***V Tier 1
Bulgaria BGR WU 50 #***U NATO
Canada CAN ZC 20 L***# NATO
Canada CAN ZC 20 #***# NATO
Canada CAN ZC 21 L***# NATO
Canada CAN ZC 21 #***# NATO
Chile CHL YN 52 A***A Tier 1
China CHN YV none none Other
Colombia COL YC 80 A***Z Tier 2
Croatia HRV WD 53 A***B NATO
Czech Republic CZE WZ 16 #***G NATO
Denmark DNK ZS 22 R***# NATO
Egypt EGY YQ 36 #***D Tier 1
Estonia EST WE 38 #***J NATO
Fiji FJI WJ 48 #***S Other
Finland FIN WF 58 A***G NATO
France FRA ZF 14 F***# NATO
France FRA ZF 14 M***# NATO
Georgia GEO VG 68 A***R Tier 1
Germany DEU ZG 12 C***# NATO
Germany DEU ZG 12 D***# NATO
Greece GRC ZU 23 G***# NATO
Hungary HUN WH 51 #***V NATO
Iceland ISL ZV 24 S***# NATO
India IND ZI 72 #***Y Tier 2
Indonesia IDN YT 45 #***Z Tier 2
Iraq IRQ VQ none none Other
Israel ISR YD 31 #***A Tier 2
Italy ITA ZR 15 A***# NATO
Japan JPN ZJ 30 J***# Tier 2
Jordan JOR VJ 78 A***X Tier 2
Korea, Republic of KOR ZH 37 #***F Tier 2
Kuwait KWT YK 60 A***K Other
Latvia LVA VD 55 A***D NATO
Lithuania LTU WI 47 #***R NATO
Luxembourg LUX ZL 28 B***# NATO
Malaysia MYS YW 34 Y***# Tier 2
Mexico MEX YX none none Other
Montenegro MNE VH 77 A***W NATO
Morocco MAR YP 63 A***M Tier 2
NATO & International Org. none none none I***# NATO
Netherlands NLD ZN 17 H***# NATO
New Zealand NZL ZE 98 E***# Tier 2
Non-NATO Nations none none none S***# NATO
North Macedonia MKD WM 54 A***C NATO
Norway NOR ZT 25 N***# NATO
NSPA (NMCRL) none WX none none NATO
NSPA (User) none ZX none X***# NATO
Oman OMN VE 56 A***E Tier 1
Pakistan PAK ZO 74 A***T Tier 1
Papua New Guinea PNG YG 65 A***P Other
Peru PER VP 79 A***Y Tier 1
Philippines PHL ZM 46 #***P Other
Poland POL WP 43 #***H NATO
Portgual PRT ZP 26 P***# NATO
Qatar QAT VM 81 B***A Tier 1
Romania ROU WR 39 #***L NATO
Russian Federation RUS YU 57 A***F Removed
Saudi Arabia SAU YS 70 #***E Tier 1
Serbia SRB VS 73 A***S Tier 2
Singapore SGP YJ 32 Q***# Tier 2
Slovakia SVK WS 40 #***M NATO
Slovenia SVN WL 42 #***Q NATO
South Africa ZAF ZD 18 V***# Tier 1
Spain ESP YB 33 #***B NATO
Sudan SDN YM none none Other
Sweden SWE VK 64 A***N Tier 2
Switzerland CHE YL none none Other
Taiwan TWN YE none none Other
Thailand THA YY 35 #***C Tier 1
Tonga TON WT 49 #***T Other
Turkey TUR ZW 27 T***# NATO
Ukraine UKR YR 61 A***J Tier 2
United Arab Emirates ARE WG 71 #***W Tier 2
United Kingdom GBR ZK 99 K***# NATO
United Kingdom GBR ZK 99 U***# NATO
United Nations none WA 44 none Other
United States USA ZZ 01 #***# NATO
United States USA ZZ 00 #***# NATO
United States USA ZZ 02-09 #***# NATO
US Domestic Use Only none VA none none NATO
US Domestic Use Only none WW none none NATO
  • Albanian Ministry of Defense
Czech Republic
  • NCB Finland
United States of America
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