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Military Aircraft and Helicopter Catalog

ASAP Aerospace is your sourcing solution for top military aircraft and helicopter parts, all from leading manufacturers. Our robust parts catalog includes many parts that may be used on military helicopter models and aircraft. Find the parts and components you need quickly and easily using our optimized interface and user friendly search engine. Our staff is on hand to provide you with any help that you may need during the purchasing process. We are also here to help you source hard-to-find and obsolete parts and components, offering some of the quickest lead-times in the industry.

Military aircraft refers to aircraft that have been adapted and repurposed to serve use for military applications and operations. The main categories of military aircraft include fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Within these categories, aircraft may serve various purposes, such as for combat, transporting troops & equipment, surveillance, and more. Since the late 1700’s, aircraft ranging from hot-air balloons and airships have been used for various military purposes. In the present, military aircraft may be those that can achieve supersonic flight or be completely unmanned. No matter the need for your military aircraft, ASAP Aerospace delivers.

ASAP Aerospace is a website that is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, a leader in the parts distribution industry and proud member of the ASA. Our supply chain locations stretch across the United States and Canada, allowing us to provide next day shipping on select items. Quality is paramount to us, and we ensure that each and every component is rigorously tested, inspected, and cross referenced by our team of industry experts before they are sent out. The parts procurement process may seem difficult, but it does not have to be. Let us make it easier for you today with a personalized quote when you fill out and submit an RFQ.

Model Manufacturer
(Lockheed) F-104S St... Aeritalia
35 Draken SAAB
A-10 Thunderbolt II Fairchild Republic
A-4 Skyhawk Boeing
A-7 Corsair II Vought
Aermecchi / EMBRAER ... Aeritalia
AV-8B Harrier II Boeing
B-1 Lancer Boeing
B-2 Spirit Northrop-Grumman
B-52H Stratofortress Boeing
Canberra British Aerospace
Cheetah Denel
Ching-Kuo AIDC
EF-2000 Typhoon Eurofighter
F-111 General Dynamics
F-117 Nighthawk Lockheed Martin
F-14 Tomcat Grumman
F-15 Eagle Boeing
F-15E Strike Eagle Boeing
F-16A/B Fighting Fal... Lockheed Martin
F-16C/D Fighting Fal... Lockheed Martin
F-2 Mitsubishi
F-22 Raptor Lockheed Martin
F-35 JSF Lockheed Martin
F-4 Phantom II Boeing
F-5A Freedom Fighter Northrop
F-5E Tiger II Northrop
F-7/J-7 Airguard Chengdu
F/A-18E/F Super Horn... Boeing
FA-18C/D Hornet Boeing
Hunter British Aerospace
IA 58A Pucara FMA
IL-28 Beagle Ilyushin
J-1 Jastreb Soko
J-10 Chengdu
J-20 Chengdu
J-22 Orao Soko
J-8 II / F-8 Finback Shenyang
JA 37 Viggen SAAB
JAS 39 Gripen SAAB
JF-17 Xiaolong/Thund... Chengdu
Kfir IAI
Light Combat Aircraf... HAL
M.B.326K/Atlas Impal... Aermacchi
MiG-17 Fresco Mikoyan-Gurevich
MiG-19 Farmer Mikoyan-Gurevich
MiG-21 Fishbed Mikoyan-Gurevich
MiG-23 Flogger Mikoyan-Gurevich
MiG-25 Foxbat Mikoyan-Gurevich
MiG-27 Flogger D/J Mikoyan-Gurevich
MiG-29 Fulcrum Mikoyan-Gurevich
MiG-31 Foxhound Mikoyan-Gurevich
Mirage 2000 Dassault
Mirage 50 Dassault
Mirage F1 Dassault
Mirage III Dassault
Mirage IV Dassault
Mirage V Dassault
OV-10 Bronco Rockwell
PAK FA Sukhoi
Q-5 Fantan Nanchang
Rafale Dassault
Sea Harrier British Aerospace
Su-17/20/22 Fitter Sukhoi
SU-24 Fencer Sukhoi
Su-25 Frogfoot Sukhoi
Su-27 Flanker Sukhoi
Su-30 Flanker Sukhoi
Su-34 Fullback Sukhoi
Su-35 Flanker E Sukhoi
Super Etendard Dassault
Tornado ADV Panavia
Tornado IDS Panavia
TU-16 Badger Tupolev
TU-160 Blackjack Tupolev
TU-22 Blinder Tupolev
TU-22M Backfire Tupolev
TU-95 Bear Tupolev
Yak-38 Forger Yakovlev
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