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List of Aircraft Codes by IATA and ICAO

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IATA Code Manufacturer and Aircraft Type/Model
AN4 antonov an-24
333 airbus a330-300
D1C douglas dc-10-30/40 pax
319 airbus a319
D95 douglas dc-9-50 pax
74R boeing 747sr pax
D1X douglas dc-10-10 freighter
ARJ avro rj70 / rj85 / rj100 avroliner
BH2 bell helicopters
75M boeing 757 mixed configuration
D10 douglas dc-10 pax
DF3 dassault (breguet mystere) falcon 50 / 900
D8X douglas dc-8-61 / 62 / 63 freighters
AX8 avro rjx85
DC9 douglas dc-9 all pax models
DC8 douglas dc-8 all pax models
72B boeing 727-100 mixed configuration
320 airbus a320-100/200
B13 british aerospace (bac) one eleven 300
717 boeing 717
73X boeing 740-200 freighter
741 boeing 747-100 pax
CR9 canadair regional jet 900
740 boeing 740 all pax models
CVF convair cv-240 / 440 / 580 / 600 / 640 freighter
D9C douglas dc-9-30 freighter
721 boeing 727-100 pax
738 boeing 740-800 pax
72M boeing 727 combi
D9F douglas dc-9 all freighters
747 boeing 747 all pax models
D92 douglas dc-9-20 pax
74C boeing 747-200 combi
76X boeing 767-200 freighter
B14 british aerospace (bac) one eleven 400/475
380 airbus a380 pax
ANF antonov an-12
332 airbus a330-200
AR7 avro rj70 avroliner
753 boeing 757-300 pax
AB6 airbus industrie a300-600 pax
CL4 canadair cl-44
734 boeing 740-400 pax
D11 douglas dc-10-10/15 pax
CRJ canadair regional jet
ATR aerospatiale/alenia atr 42/ atr 72
70F boeing 707 freighter
74V boeing 747sr freighter
DF2 dassault (breguet mystere) falcon 10 / 100 / 20 / 200 / 2000
CVV convair cv-240 freighter
AX1 avro rjx100
DFL dassault (breguet mystere) falcon
76F boeing 767 all freighter models
DH3 de havilland canada dhc-8-300 dash 8 / 8q
D1F douglas dc-10 all freighters
CVR convair cv-240 / 440 / 580 / 600 / 640 pax
74L boeing 747sp
74Y boeing 747-400 freighter
342 airbus a340-200
CN1 cessna light aircraft - single piston engine
BE2 beechcraft twin piston engines
345 airbus a340-500
CS2 casa / iptn 212 aviocar
D9F douglas dc-9-40 freighter
72X boeing 727-100 freighter
72S boeing 727-200 advanced pax
B72 boeing 720b pax
DH2 de havilland canada dhc-8-200 dash 8 / 8q
D1M douglas dc-10 all combi models
752 boeing 757-200 pax
CCJ canadair challenger
75F boeing 757 freighter
CS5 casa / iptn cn-235
74F boeing 747 all freighter models
BEP beechcraft light aircraft - single engine
757 boeing 757 all pax models
CV4 convair cv-440 metropolitan pax
A32 antonov an-32
74X boeing 747-200 freighter
DC6 douglas dc6a/b pax
74E boeing 747-400 combi
CCX canadair global express
72F boeing 727 freighter (-100/200)
ABF airbus industrie a300 freighter
343 airbus a340-300
D8Y douglas dc-8-71 / 72 / 73 freighters
CNT cessna light aircraft - twin turboprop engines
ACD gulfstream/rockwell (aero) commander/turbo commander
312 airbus a310-200 pax
73H boeing 740-800 (winglets) pax
73M boeing 740-200 combi
D8F douglas dc-8 all freighters
744 boeing 747-400 pax
D6F douglas dc-6a/b/c freighter
346 airbus a340-600
A30 antonov an-30
AN6 antonov an-26 / an-30 /an-32
D38 fairchild dornier do.328
A28 antonov an-28 / pzl miele m-28 skytruck
76Y boeing 767-300 freighter
743 boeing 747-300 pax
B12 british aerospace (bac) one eleven 200
313 airbus a310-300 pax
CNJ cessna citation
D8Q douglas dc-8-72 pax
31Y airbus a310-300 freighter
73Y boeing 740-300 freighter
D1Y douglas dc-10-30 / 40 freighters
321 airbus a321-100/200
D94 douglas dc-9-40 pax
BE1 beechcraft 1900/1900c/1900d
AT4 aerospatiale/alenia atr 42-300 / 320
763 boeing 767-300 pax
AT7 aerospatiale/alenia atr 72
72Y boeing 727-200 freighter
318 airbus a318
ACP gulfstream/rockwell (aero) commander
A40 antonov an-140
CNC cessna light aircraft - single turboprop engine
ACT gulfstream/rockwell (aero) turbo commander
CR2 canadair regional jet 200
AT5 aerospatiale/alenia atr 42-500
BET beechcraft light aircraft - twin turboprop engine
CVX convair cv-440 freighter
BUS bus
D93 douglas dc-9-30 pax
73W boeing 740-700 (winglets) pax
AN7 antonov an-72 / an-74
D3F douglas dc-3 freighter
31F airbus a310 freighter
CD2 government aircraft factories n22b / n24a nomad
764 boeing 767-400 pax
74M boeing 747 all combi models
32S airbus a318/319/320/321
D8T douglas dc-8-50 freighter
CVY convair cv-580 / 600 / 640 freighter
CNA cessna light aircraft
703 boeing 707-300 pax
340 airbus a340 all models
73F boeing 740 all freighter models
767 boeing 767 all pax models
ABY airbus industrie a600-600 freighter
74U boeing 747-300 / 747-200 sud freighter
707 boeing 707/720 all pax models
BES beechcfrat 1900/1900c
731 boeing 740-100 pax
APH eurocopter (aerospatiale) sa330 puma / as332 super puma
BNI pilatus britten-norman bn-2a/b islander
722 boeing 727-200 pax
727 boeing 727 all pax models
BEH beechcraft 1900d
DH4 de havilland canada dhc-8-400 dash 8q
A4F antonov an-124 ruslan
736 boeing 740-600 pax
ALM ayres lm-200 loadmaster
31X airbus a310-200 freighter
CN2 cessna light aircraft - twin piston engines
CV5 convair cv-580 pax
AB4 airbus industrie a300b2/b4/c4 pax
D9X douglas dc-9-10 freighter
739 boeing 740-900 pax
CR1 canadair regional jet 100
B15 british aerospace (bac) one eleven 500 / rombac one eleven
735 boeing 740-500 pax
D28 fairchild dornier do.228
74D boeing 747-300 combi
74T boeing 747-100 freighter
70M boeing 707 combi
AR8 avro rj85 avroliner
74J boeing 747-400 (domestic) pax
BEC beechcraft light aircraft
772 boeing 777-200 pax
733 boeing 740-300 pax
D8L douglas dc-8-62 pax
ATP british aerospace atp
DC3 douglas dc-3 pax
CRV aerospatiale (sud aviation) se.210 caravelle
732 boeing 740-200 pax
CWC curtiss c-46 commando
ABB airbus industrie a300-600st beluga freighter
AR1 avro rj100 avroliner
38F airbus a380 freighter
BNT pilatus britten-norman bn-2a mk iii trislander
72C boeing 727-200 mixed configuration
AB3 airbus industrie a300 pax
73G boeing 740-700 pax
DH1 de havilland canada dhc-8-100 dash 8 / 8q
D8M douglas dc-8 all combi models
B11 british aerospace (bac) one eleven / rombac one eleven
310 airbus a310 all pax models
ABX airbus industrie a300c4/f4 freighter
762 boeing 767-200 pax
773 boeing 777-300 pax
330 airbus a330 all models
ARX avro rjx85 / rjx100
A26 antonov an-26
742 boeing 747-200 pax
D91 douglas dc-9-10 pax
777 boeing 777 all pax models
CR7 canadair regional jet 700
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