How Does Agere Systems Inc Relate to Avago Technologies as a Subsidiary of LSI-A?

Posted on September 18, 2014 Jacob Luiz

Agere Global LLC began as a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies in 2000, focusing on integrated circuit components. In 2002, Agere spun off as an independent company (headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania) and was acquired by LSI Logic Corporation in 2006. The deal merged the two semiconductor companies in an all-stock transaction worth $4 billion.

In 2013, LSI reported revenues of $2.37 billion. Subsequently, in 2014, LSI was acquired by Avago Technologies. Prior to its acquisition, Agere was a dominant player in cellular and wired networking products and storage devices, such as read channels and ASICs for hard disk drives. Throughout its history, Agere had numerous offices and facilities worldwide under its control. Many of which have closed.

These include: the Reading Works facility in Pennsylvania (closed 2002), the Orlando Plant - a wafer fabrication facility in Florida (closed 2005), Agere Optoelectronics South in Texas (closed 2002), and the Wireless Communication Network pision in the Netherlands (closed 2004). Remaining facilities include ASIC design and software development in Bangalore, India; Modem-Art - development of advanced processor technology for 3G/UMTS devices in Raanana, Israel; and facilities in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

Previously, Agere Systems Inc. operated two business groups: Consumer Enterprise and Telecommunications. Consumer Enterprise’s product portfolio included integrated circuits for hard disk drives, corporate network servers, storage electronics (motor and disk controllers), mobile phones and other communications applications, plus much more. Their Telecommunications’ product portfolio included integrated circuits supporting SONET/SDH standards, broadband devices, digital signal processing devices, and still more.

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