Airbus Industrie A330 300

Designed to provide services to both small remote countries megacities, the irbus Industrie A330 300 is a powerful plane that relies on twin engines and a wide body to deliver between 250 and 440 passengers safely to their destination. Additionally, the plane boasts an incredibly quiet cabin, making it a comfortable choice. Priced at $264.2 million, the Airbus Industrie A330 300 is a large capacity, medium- to long-range aircraft, and the largest of the twinjet family. It’s related to other A330 and A340 aircraft, but only has two powerful engines.

The origins of this powerful plane date back to the middle 1970s as one of the main derivatives of the A300. Developed at the same time as the A340, the A330-300 shares many components, making maintenance, flying, and repair incredibly easy. This aircraft boasts twin Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines, two General Electric CF6-80E1 engines, or dual Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines. This powerful aircraft can easily reach a cruising speed of 880 km/h and maxes out at a height of 33,000 ft. The range of the A330-300 depends on what engines are used in the aircraft. The range varies from 8,430 km to 10,185 km. 

This aircraft was designed to be a stretched version of the A300 and features a fly-by-wire system, stabilizers, and new wings, as well as a stretched fuselage. With a larger gross weight and improved range extension, this aircraft is incredibly roomy and offers great mileage. The standard A330-300 has the same length as the A340-300, but there are stretched and shortened versions of this aircraft. 

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