Airlander 10 Has Risen With Second Wind

Posted on August 31, 2016 Jacob Luiz

The World Largest Aircraft, the Airlander 10 has been approved to be airborne once more. An Aircraft first developed for the US Army’s North Grumman-led Long Endurance, multi intelligence vehicle contract by a company in the UK named Hybrid Air shut down their production due to lack of funds. It is approximately 92m (302ft) long in length, and has seen to have traveled 5000 ft. in altitude. Being able to travel a 5nm radius going 35kt (40.2773 MPH) on its most recent test run. The purpose for such aircraft is for surveillance, communications and passengers able to be aired for approximately 5 days with a pilot on board . Its reinstating test run was held in Cardington airfield in Bedfordshire at around 19:45 and arriving at 20:00 before sundown on August 17th. The Aircraft alone has set to be worth up to £25m (32,986,250 US dollars).

Per their test run of the aircraft, it resulted in passing all its tests which included safe launch, during flight, and landing properly allowing it to become qualified to be able to be airborne once more. The aircraft Chief pilot David Burns, stated

It was a privilege to be able to conduct the aircraft more so a fantasy, concluding with it flew like a dream.

HAV has reached out to the UK government to pitch the reinstatement of the Airlander 10. Along with the UK government they are also interested in other investors or raising their equity through high net worth individuals to help fund and keep their programme going. The HAV launched their campaign to reinstate their program close to last May.


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