Baldwin Filters – Complete Filtration Program

Baldwin Filters began in 1936 in Wisconsin as J.A. Baldwin Manufacturing Company. J.A. Baldwin’s first product was a cartridge lube filter for automobiles. From humble beginnings, the company now maintains manufacturing and distribution centers across the globe: the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Belgium, China, Morocco, Australia, and South Africa. Its distribution network spans across South America, Russia, and the Middle East. In 1953, the company moved to Kearney, Nebraska in an effort to expand, housing its facilities on a former air base which was used for B-29 launchings during World War II. During the years 1964-1981, the company further expanded nine times over. In 1981, Baldwin Filters was sold to J.L. Clark Manufacturing Company (which became CLARCOR, a large publically-traded filter company). Subsequently, Baldwin Filter grew its international presence with factories in the United Kingdom and Europe in 1989, Australia in 1991, Mexico in 1994, China in 1995, South Africa in 1996, and Morocco in 2007. In addition, Baldwin established numerous manufacturing plants stateside, including one in Gothenburg, Nebraska in 1991 and Yankton, South Dakota in 1995. Baldwin Filters specializes in lube, air, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic filters for applications in markets including automotive, construction, mining and logging, industrial, agricultural, and marine. The company is involved in both the making of components and the assembly of the filters. This vertical integration gives them strict control over the quality of their product. Further, the following locations are ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality certified: Kearney, Nebraska; Gothenburg, Nebraska; Yankton, South Dakota; China; and Morocco. The following locations are ISO 9001:2008 certified: South Africa; Mexico; Warrington, UK; and Basildon, UK. With technology including 3D CAD modeling and stereo lithographic prototyping, Baldwin Filters strives for innovation in what they produce. Some patented designs include their Radial Seal air filters, self-venting drain valves for fuel/water separators, and controlled release coolants. Their Product Lines Include:
      • Lube Filters – featuring over 650 lube filters including High Velocity Dual-Flow® and Series Design – BD103 categories, this product filters dirty oil for heavy-duty and automotive engines.
      • Air Filters – offering over 2,200 air filters including Channel Flow®, Extreme Performance, and Radial Seal for producing clear air for engine-based devices.
      • Fuel Filters – with over 650 varieties including fuel managers, filters, coalescers, and fuel/water separators to ensure fuel systems are contaminant-free
      • Hydraulic Filters – for requirements including closer tolerances, faster cycle times, higher pressures, and extended service intervals, the hydraulic filter is ideal; with their PureForce® Hydraulic line, Baldwin offers spin-on hydraulic filters, cartridge hydraulic filters, and additionally hydraulic bases and indicators.
      • Coolant Filters – protects engines by capturing contaminants and releasing Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) for cooling engine systems; includes Controlled Release Coolant Filters and FleetStrip™ Coolant Test Strips.
      • Cabin Air Filters – for automotive and heavy-duty road applications; traps dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, and other airborne pollutants and prevents these particles’ entry into the vehicle interior which improves air conditioning and heating system performance.
      • DAHL – a unique fuel filter/water separation system which features a functional dual-chamber 3-stage separator which efficiently suctions water as well as filters contaminants; DAHL’s patented depressurizer cone increases the area of the fuel flow which allows both water separation and captures dirt; DAHL removes almost 100% of the water and most contaminants.


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