Better Tools to Provide Weather Information for Pilots

Some people claim that the more technologically advanced we get the more our lives get more comfortable, safe and reliable. Man first created airplanes without any computers or tools to help the person who is operating the airplane to fly or navigate the airplane. The most reliable instrument that was used was probably the compass. Without a compass the pilot cannot determine exactly his or her direction. Moving forward few decades; when you walk into an airplane cockpit now you will be lost in the amount of technological advances that we have arrived at today. We are able to take over the sky with our non-stop flights that are happening 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Pilots can use exact throttle force to take the airplane smoothly off the ground, landing gears are built to create the most comfortable and safe landings that man has ever seen. Radars are available to clear the route an airplane is flying at to avoid any accidents with another plane. Heating and cooling system to keep us comfortable in our seats, pressure systems to keep us comfortable at different altitudes.

Weather information to pilot is an important aspect that the pilot has to keep an eye on especially when flying, because weather can change dramatically fast, there is a lot of regulations when it comes to FAA on weather condition. Advanced cockpit technologies regarding the weather can be looked at by pilots as either a blessing or a curse due to the amount of technological advances in the sense of it being overwhelming. Obviously helping the pilots is the intent with this kind of equipment and that is why there are educational sessions offered by NBAA-BACE called “Advanced Avionics Weather Information.”


September 18, 2018

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