Boeing 777 Vip

Priced at an average of 270 million US dollars, the Boeing 777 VIP is a heavy business jet, meaning it is a business jet that is significantly larger than the average kind and thus needs to run on significantly more fuel. While it can carry more passengers than the average business jet, the fuel economy is not as conservative. The Boeing 777 VIP was manufactured and released by the United States based Boeing company and has sold for as much as $ 300 million US dollars and as low as $260 million US dollars. 

The Boeing company released and manufactured the Boeing 777 VIP in 1999. The company  sourced many parts and components from various other manufacturers including Honeywell Avionics. Together they were able to produce a powerful engine that could power the large jumbo passenger jet. The engine is of the2 X Pratt and Whitney PW 4090 type. It can produce enough power to propel this heavy business  jet, in fact the aircraft engine has a 90,000 pound-force along with a maximum cruise speed of 510 knots or 945 kilometers per hour. With this much maximum cruise speed, the Boeing 777 VIP can travel across thousands of miles. It has a travel range of 7,930 nautical miles, which can be converted to 14,686 kilometers.

Despite how far the aircraft can travel, it can reserve a conservative fuel economy. In fact it’s fuel economy measures up to 0.16 nautical miles per gallon or 0.078 kilometres per litre. The service ceiling, in contrast, measures up to 43,100 feet. Meanwhile the rate of climb measures 12 feet per minute or 0.06metre per second. Finally the take off distance is approximately 3200 metres to 10,498.56 feet, while the landing distance is 2134 metres to 7,001.23 feet.

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