Circuit Breakers vs. Safety Switches

As a multitude of things that we rely on everyday utilize power through electricity, it is important that there are various safeguards put in place. With systems such as circuit breakers and switches, we can rest easy knowing that we and our homes are protected from electric shocks, electrical fires, and more. Although most buildings and homes have these safeguards in place, many people do not know the difference between the two. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between a circuit breaker and a switch, and how they both work to protect different things.

Circuit breakers, also referred to as fuses, are installed on the main switchboard and serve as protection to electrical circuits. When the circuit breaker detects anomalies such as an overload or a very high flow of current, it automatically disconnects the power. These surges can be caused by short circuits, too many systems plugged into a single point of power, overloads, and more. By shutting off the power, the circuit breaker can protect the wiring, appliances, and home from damage and fire.

Safety switches are also installed onto the switchboard, and are most often a requirement for any home or building. Switches work to detect current that is passing through wiring and automatically shuts off power if there is an imbalance. This is done in milliseconds, and works to prevent electrocution by stopping a current before it can enter a person. Whether weather or bad appliances cause an imbalanced current, the safety switch will act fast to protect those using power.

Although they work similarly to monitor and shut off power during anomalies, their differences lie in the fact of what they protect. A circuit breaker works to protect electronics, wiring, and appliances, but does not provide protection against electrocution. Safety switches on the other hand, prevent electric shocks and electrical fires, protecting people. Both are important devices, and understanding the differences between the two increases your safety.

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