What Is The Story Behind Danco Valve Company?

Based in Bellflower, California, the Dante Valve Company was founded by Thomas C. Dante in 1960 as a distributor and servicer of valves and valve products. A family owned business since its inception, the Dante Valve Company established a manufacturing division in 1983 named the Danco Valve Company. The Danco Valve Company specialized in producing naval military specification relief valves with rapid delivery time.In 2007, the company opened another manufacturing location based in Norfolk, Virginia to facilitate nationwide distribution. In 2011, the Danco Valve Company merged with the Dante Valve Company to make a single manufacturing and distribution entity. The Danco Valve product lines continue to be sold under its original name. Danco Valves product portfolio is specific to Navy and Marine applications and are compliant with MIL-V-24332, MIL-V-22549, ASTM F1508, and MIL-V-20065 Revisions C and D.
The company’s manufactures pressure relief valves within the following categories: air compressor valves, bronze semi-nozzle valves, steel semi-nozzle valves, stainless steel semi-nozzle valves, steel full-nozzle valves, and stainless steel full-nozzle valves. The line of air compressor valves conform to MIL-V-22549D and are useful for shipboard air compressor equipment. They come in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 1 x 1 and ¼ inch and can be equipped with union end (available with pressure ratings of 400, 1500, 3000, or 6000 PSIG) and MS thread connections. The bronze line of semi-nozzle valves conform to all the previously listed military specifications and features a bronze exterior, soft or hard seat, and optional packed lever or gagging device. The line of steel semi-nozzle valves are steel constructed with flanged connections in accordance with ASME B16.5, Class 150, 300 or 600 and range from ¼ inch to 8 inches.
This line utilizes either a steel enclosed spring or steel exposed spring. The stainless steel semi-nozzle valves are crafted from stainless steel and have similar specifications as their regular steel line. The steel full-nozzle valves conform to MIL-V-24332(2), MIL-V-22549D, MIL-V-20065D (Type I and II) and ASTM F1508. Available with an enclosed or exposed spring, these valves are available in sizes ½ x 1 inch to 8 x 10 inch. Additionally, their orifice sizes include: C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, and T. Their stainless steel full-nozzle line contains similar specs to their regular steel line but also contains an optional bellows to offset backpressure. Additionally, Dante Valves offers a selection of Navy and commercial fittings and flanges.


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