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Based in Kariya, Japan and founded in 1949, Denso Corporation is a global, publically traded automotive components manufacturer. A portmanteau of the Japanese words Den-Ki (electric) and So-Chi (equipment), Denso is organized around seven primary business groups: powertrain control systems (35% of sales), electronic systems (9.4%), thermal systems (30.4%), information & safety systems (15.3%), small motors (7.0%), consumer products (0.2%), and industrial products (0.9%). Denso began as a divesture from Toyota Motor Company and now, with a workforce of approximately 140,000 strong, boasts nearly $40 billion in net sales (fiscal year 2014).Operating in over 35 countries, Denso makes products for original equipment manufacturers. Their largest business group, powertrain control systems, focuses on gasoline engine management systems, diesel engine fuel injection systems, hybrid and electric vehicles components, engine electrical equipment, and engine cooling systems. Other products include climate control devices, body electronics (windshields, meters, horns, etc.), control and safety (anti-lock brake systems, airbags, etc.), and navigation systems. Since 1990, the company has held the world’s largest share in the vehicle air-conditioning market. With 9% of net sales redirected into research and development, Denso strives to create energy-efficient, environmentally-sound, and better-quality products.
The company has developed a new diesel common rail fuel injection system (which produces fewer particulate matter and nitrogen oxides making for cleaner emissions) with a record-breaking injection pressure of 2,500 bars. This system also contains an intelligent accuracy refinement technology (i-ART) to avoid waste. Additionally, their turbocharged, direct injection gasoline engine management systems reduces fuel consumption by using progressive technologies to minimize engine displacement while maintaining performance on downsized engines. If you need parts for Denso Corporation products, or from any other manufacturer, look no further than ASAP Aerospace – a premier distributor and aerospace parts sourcing solution.
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