Embraer’s KC-390 Multi-Role Transport Makes First Flight

Headquartered in São José dos Campos, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, Embraer is a Brazilian aerospace force that designs and manufactures commercial, military, executive, and agricultural aircrafts and also provides aeronautical services. Currently, it competes with Canada-based Bombardier for the title of third-largest aircraft maker behind Boeing and Airbus.

Earlier in the week, the KC-390, Embraer’s clean-sheet aerial refueling tanker, flew for the first time from an airfield in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The 1h 25min-long flight consisted of maneuvers to assess flight characteristics and system tests, including the aircraft’s fly-by-wire controls. Because the tanker and transport aircraft was designed and built from scratch, Embraer’s chief executive Frederico Fleury Curado says development of the KC-390 is “most likely the greatest technological challenge that the company has faced in its history.”

Due to its higher operating altitude, greater payload, and faster speed, the KC-390 is quickly taking a lead over the Lockheed C-130J, which has typically dominated the market. Since it made its leap into the public eye, 60 KC-390 jets have been ordered from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic.

With units in Brazil, the United States, Europe, and Asia, Embraer is a global force that has over 85 airline companies in more than 58 countries and employs more than 19,000 workers. In 2013, Embraer reported a revenue of USD$6.23 billion. The Company’s backlog ended the fiscal year 2013 at a value of USD$18.2 billion, representing 46% growth from the USD$12.5 billion reported at the end of 2012.

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