Flying Car Development is Soaring with Advancements

CEO of Samson Motors, Sam Bousfield has produced something astonishing in the advancements of flying sports cars. The Switchblade is a flying car that has aerial and everyday driving capabilities.

His vision of

“landing at an airport, pushing a button to stow wings and tail and drive to your destination”

is coming to reality. Sam has found a way of stowing the wings in the belly of the Switchblade. This is being protected by the shell of the doors. This prevents foreign road objects coming in contact with the wings while the vehicle is on the ground moving.

Sam has developed a sophisticated two hinged beam system that is connected to one side of each wing and then connected to each side of the vehicles body. Accompanying these hinges are beams for each of the wings. The wings are motorized, which allows them to be pushed in and/or pulled out easily.

The Switchblade is first of its kind, where wings or tails do not have to be removed completely from the vehicle while in ground transportation.  Other flying cars, there are parts that need to be stored away from the vehicle, sometimes left at the airport after landing.

Sam wanted to the ability to fly, land, and drive easily and not worry about parts being left behind.  He designed the Switchblade that would

“provide high performance on the ground, as well as high performance in the air”.

The Switchblade was being tested for the past 2 years in Central Oregon, where composite aircraft production is significantly ongoing.  Sam believes that these auto/aircrafts will be the new era in transportation, he states “It is not just change, it is a true evolution.”


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